Why Your Company’s Blog is Not Working

Have you ever wondered why you should have a blog for your company?

Blogs serve so many purposes but serving the right purpose is what matters most when it comes to a blog. Having a blog that doesn’t serve its purpose is like having someone stay busy just for the sake of it. It doesn’t matter what they are doing, but so long as they are busy, you are happy. To understand why your company’s blog is not working, you have first of all to know what the purpose of the blog is.

One of the primary objectives of a blog is to attract readers to your site. The content you post on the blog has to be engaging enough to captivate your readers.

You can create a blog to entertain, inform, answer a question or review a product or services. There are various reasons why your blog isn’t working and here are some of them:

Poor Quality Content

The content on your blog has to be relevant, engaging and of high quality.

Writing the same thing over and over again or churning out the same content like any other business won’t work with your blog.

If the content you have on your blog is irrelevant and directionless, the blog is just a waste of space on your site.

Your readers should come out of your blog with a feeling they grasped something that can help them and get interested in reading your content more often.

This will make the readers have a deeper interest in your company and have the urge to share your content with others.

  • Make sure your topic selection is not too broad which leads to higher competition and you not tapping into your niche market. Also, make sure the content on your blog is relevant to the reader, and it is optimized for the best search results.
  • Make sure your content stands out and take advantage of the trending topics and your writing should be customized to suit the business.
  • Your writing should be of the best quality. The message should be compelling and not too vague. Poor grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes are just going to piss off your reader. Don’t use long sentences that are confusing and make sure you don’t take forever to get to the point. You don’t want to bore your readers.

Weak or No Call to Action

Your blog is a marketing tool, and you should take full advantage of it, and you can’t do this without a clear and persuasive call to action.

Throughout the blog, the reader should be given information on the particular product or service, and at the end, the reader should be directed to act on the product or service you provide.

A marketing campaign isn’t going to be successful if there isn’t a successful call to action.

No Shares

If your blog isn’t getting shared all over on social media and other relevant postings, then you are doing it wrong.

Having a blog isn’t all you need to reap its benefits.

You have to share it all with your email list and at least Facebook. It has a huge audience that you can take advantage of to drive results.

Don’t keep your blog hidden like a secret, get it out there.

Pop Ups and Forms

Too many pop ups and forms are going to bore your readers.

Some blogs have so many of them such that the only way to get away from them is by closing the page. Most people find them nagging or as lazy tactics employed to get more leads.

If your audience is hesitant about clicking around your website, what do you think will happen when they click, and they’re hit with a bombardment of pop-ups?

They will most probably leave.

Too many popups can do more harm than good if you are not careful.

Think Outside Your Niche

Your company’s blog is supposed to be a marketing tool for your company but you should not exclusively post about your services and products.

Change from time to time and make your blog a resource for your readers and other bloggers too.

Going outside your niche will help you attract leads that your competitors don’t get.

People read your blog because they like it and it is engaging not because they like your business or they feel some sense of loyalty to your company.

People read your blog because it provides them with valuable and relevant information that they can’t find anywhere else.

Use images

People have a short attention span. They are not reading an essay for God’s sake!

If you hit your readers with a lot of text with no images, they are likely to get bored and stop reading the blog in the middle.

Use plenty of images to keep your readers engaged. It breaks up the text and gives them a break from the text.

At the same time images can be used to hammer the point inside their heads. Remember people understand things differently, others will read and understand while others are visual learners and images give you an added advantage on this.

Any company blog can be good. But blogging takes time and labor. Make sure at the end of your blog you produce something that is of high quality for your audience.

Don’t just post a blog for the sake of it. Strive to see that you get benefits from the blog.

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