Using Google Analytics? All You Need To Know

There are many awe things that keep evolving when it comes to the internet and online presence. One of them is Google analytics. You probably have come across Google analytics as you do your research, but what exactly is Google analytics and how can you use it to improve your website conversion rate and track your ROI? Are you well conversant with using google analytics?

Google Analytics is a website analytics service provided for free by Google. The analytics service offers users an insight into how they use their website and how users find. With Google Analytics, you are able to track your ROI in the case of online marketing. You can use it to sift and sort your website visitors with dozens of dimensions. The other benefit if Google Analytics is that you can integrate it with other services like Search Console and Adwords account.

Using Google Analytics

How Google Analytics tracks your data.

Google analytics can be used to track all of your data by using a unique tracking code that can be installed on every page of your website. The code is in coding language or a small snippet of JavaScript that runs in viewers’ browsers when they visit your website page. The JavaScript works for a larger JavaScript and collects information on user activities on your website. The code sets a cookie, which provides anonymous information.

Configuration for Google Analytics

There are two types of Google Analytics configurations. The two types are functional configuration and technical configuration. For functional configuration, it is a process that involves Google Analytics supplying needed data to make business decisions. The Technical configuration includes setting a tracking code currently, configure the profiles and get your RegEx correct.

What does Google Analytics measure?

Google Analytics measures the dimensions and metric. They are the building blocks of Google Analytics. How does it work?

  • Dimension: dimensions are attributed to your data such as the page you are measuring where the traffic incoming from, or the social media channel you are evaluating.
  • Metrics: metric, on the other hand, is a quantitative measurement of the dimensions. For instance, the measure how your ads are performing and the paid sessions you have recorded are your metrics.
Things you can do with Google Analytics

Google Analytics takes the best features and uses it to make it easier to use with visualization features and new organizations. Many people have been using Google Analytics for the purpose of improving website content, users experience and conversions. Here are some of the things you can do with Google Analytics:

See important analytics data first

If you want to see your most important data at a glance. You only need to log in to your analytics and see it in the dashboard area. You can also create a variety of widgets and each of them can have multiple other widgets.

Find the online campaigns that bring you more traffics and conversions

If you are curious about the website campaign that is performing well, just login into your Google Analytics dashboard and you will have all the information displayed. You will know the most successful campaign on your website in terms and conversions and bring traffic.

Study your bounce rate

Data bounce rate is an essential aspect of your website. If a large percentage of visitors navigate away after viewing the opening page of your website, then there is a problem. You should do something such as optimizing your page, add more engaging content or better call to action.

You can analyze potential new markets

You can use Google Analytics to analyze potential markets. Google Analytics gives you the chance to see the geographical breakdown of the activities your visitors engage in. Look at your traffic geographic breakdown and conversion rate, then identify potential new markets.

Examine and learn what people love

How would you like to find out what your website visitors look for on your website? If your website has a search box, you can go ahead and use Google Analytics to get to know what your audience search for before providing them what they want. You can also visualize what your website visitors click on most.

Discover whether you need a mobile site

If you are wondering whether your website needs to a mobile version, Google Analytics is the best way to do so. Look under the visitors’ menu and you will find a mobile option. There you will get to see the total percentage that is from a mobile device and decide whether to optimize your website to include the mobile version or not.

There are awesome things you can learn and do using Google Analytics. It is an essential tool, especially if you are running a business website. It’s one of the best tracking methods for getting valuable info about your website, visitor and everything you want to know about your site, you can use it to track the strength on your website and improve your traffic and ROI.

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