How to Write Perfect SEO Optimized Articles


A majority of people can be able to come up with a basic article which has proper wording, and the correct paragraph structure.  However, writing for an SEO requires a lot of thorough preparation and planning. This is because SEO articles increase your chances of securing customers through articulate article marketing.

To start with, you must know and understand the concept of keywords.  Keywords are the line of thoughts and the purpose for which the article is being written.  A keyword or a keyword phrase is what the search engines use in order to categorize your content and ensure proper indexing to ensure it pops up every time someone searches for it in the internet.

Once you are sure of what keywords you are going to use, then incorporate the keywords or phrase in the article. Ensure you incorporate it once in your title and the opening paragraph. This will create a path through which the search engines will focus on. Upon identifying this, the search engine then quickly goes through your article to check for its relevance to the title.  For this reason, always make sure you incorporate a few more keywords in the body of the article.

One thing you need to watch out for when writing the perfect SEO articles is keyword spamming. Placing of a keyword in every other sentence is not a very wise thing to do. It not only makes the article unreadable but can also have you penalized. The search engines will most likely reject an article whose keywords density exceeds 6%.

The basic rule of thumb is that you should have at least 3% keywords density in your articles. Broken down, it means for a 500 words article, you should incorporate the key word or the key word phrase at least 15 times.

On top of taking care of keywords, you must also ensure that your article has high quality content. It should make sense to you readers and have flowing ideas. The keywords must appear naturally in the text and should not force the reader to go back twice trying to get the sense of that sentence.

The last but not least way of ensuring proper keyword optimization is through thorough proofreading, plagiarism checking and spell checking. Use high quality scanning software to ensure that your article is top notch. Will all these tips put together, you will have a completely SEO optimized article.

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