5 Reasons your Blog is Not Generating Traffic for You

Why is it that my blog is not getting traffic? 

This has turned out to be the most commonly asked question in the SEO forums.

Fortunately, below are the answers to this question. Read on to be more informed.

Your content is not good enough

Recently most of the search engines, for instance, Google have developed efficient mechanisms of rating the quality of the content. Therefore, if the content on your blog or the website is not good enough, then the chances of being ranked high in the SERPs to earn traffic is very minimal. The following are qualities of the best content.

  • It is fresh. The search engine users always strive to get content that is up to date. Therefore, having one on your blog is an added advantage.
  • Unbiased and well researched. If you always write in favor of a given product, methods, services or you simply rewrite an existing text, you are not likely to generate traffic on your blog.
  • For a content on your blog to earn traffic it must satisfy the rules and regulations of the SEO copywriting.

Quality content remains to be the most profound factor in the SEO algorithms. In addition, the most efficient way to ensure that you provide the best content on your blog is by taking some time to understand the needs of your users and provide them with exactly what they want.

Additionally, adding images and videos to your content are effective ways of improving the content on your blog.

Aim for popular keywords

This is another reason that can hinder your blog from generating traffic. The competition for the most popular keywords is very stiff. This means that if your blog only deals with popular keywords, it might not generate significant traffic for you.

In most cases, the first page of any search engine only provides ten spaces for each keyword. Therefore, if your blog is still new, it might not be able to compete with other dominant websites so that it can generate traffic for you. For you to avoid this challenge, try to aim at the long tailed keywords which are not competitive. Additionally, you can consult Google search keyword planner so that you can assign your content the best keywords that will generate traffic on your blog.

Your website is slow

Blog loading speed is also another factor that can determine its rate of generating traffic. Studies have shown that if your blog loads faster, many users are likely to visit it time and again.

Additionally, users are likely to exit your page in 4-5 seconds if it does not load faster. This means that your blog ends up generating no traffic. When you fix your blog mainly by increasing its speed, it is likely to generate traffic from users or even being ranked among the top 10 pages in the SEO.

Always ensure that your blog can load in 1-3 seconds. If your blog takes more than 5 seconds, consider fixing it to increase the user’s experience and also to generate more traffic.

You were hit by panda and penguin

Most of the blog owners are not aware of panda and penguin and how they affect the traffic generation and ranking of their blogs. If panda and penguin hit your blog, you will experience a drastic drop in traffic generation on your blog.

To avoid being hit by panda and penguin, you should maintain a regular check on your Google analytic report.

You hired the wrong SEO

For your blog to earn a significant traffic, an effective SEO plan is very vital. Currently, SEO firms are so many in the market, unfortunately, getting the most suitable SEO Company for your blog is not easy. Many companies will promise you that they will ensure that your blog is among the highest ranked in all SEO, but later on, you realize that your blog is not even generating traffic at all.

To avoid this challenge do your homework well before hiring any SEO firm. Additionally, when hiring an SEO company, it is recommended that you go for the one that will employ demographic tools to reach out your users. If you find a good SEO service, you are likely to succeed in your business without much hustle.

Just like any other business person, every blog owner wants to ensure that they get the best out of their blog. However, at times your blog can turn out to be a disappointment especially when you don’t put the above measures into place. Nevertheless, playing your role as expected will automatically grant you success. Additionally, ensuring that your posts on your blog are readable will also be an added advantage. For instance, adding subtitles where applicable, will significantly improve your user’s experience. This because most of the users want to take minimal time on your blog to get exactly what they are looking for.




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