Worst Topics for Press Release That Startups Pitch

Have you ever wondered what you are not doing right for your press release to publicize your business?

Do you wonder why your press release falls flat?

The answer to these questions are simple, your press release did not highlight any news. This means your press release was not newsworthy, which leads to not being publicized and not generating results.

There are many pitch mistakes that people do when writing a press release. When some of the mistakes are trivial, some are advertorial.

Here are six surprising yet common pitch mistakes that explain why your press releases fall out.

You talk about a sale for shoppers

A press release is about giving out certain news about your business, it is not about announcing a special sale and goods or services.

There are many ways you can announce a special sale to your customers, use social media, newsletters or event your website. You can also buy advertisement pages or try direct mail. Writing about a special sale to your customer using a press release will yield no fruits.

Write about other things like organizing or sponsoring an event. There are lots of ideas on what and when to write a press release.

A Kickstarter campaign launch

Raising money for your company or for an event is not news. Everyone wants to make money or to raise money. We are all familiar with the saying, “money makes the world go round”.

Avoid making the pitch mistake of focusing your press releases on the fact that you want to raise money. Instead, focus on what the money you will raise will do, you can focus on the idea the money you raise is for a good cause, a revolutionary new product or an interesting project.

Let that be the highlight and not the fact that you are raising money. Make your press release a newsworthy one. That’s the purpose of a press release.

 A website update

Yes, you can announce your new business website if it is going to have an impact or change your business dealing, but when it comes to announcing a website update, you don’t need to write a press release.

Unless your website is “very” publicly crashed and you are a major retailer, no one even cares whether you are updating your website or not.

If you are introducing something that will have a far-reaching impact on your customer or something that will potentially change certain aspects in your industry, then you don’t need to write a press release.

We are in an era where launching websites and making updates are day to day part of life. Many people are no longer thrilled about launching or updating your website.

A new hire

Does hiring a new employee means you go writing a press release about it? The answer is No.

However, in exemption cases like changing the whole panel of executives or when the company is under new management, you can consider writing a press release.

If you hire a recognizable figure from other prominent company to work for your startup it might be newsworthy.

However, even in most cases, these ideas will not draw the press, so it’s good to avoid writing a press release for a new hire or it might just fall out.

Hiring many employees

This is pitch mistake is not different from hiring a new employee. Hiring a handful of employees is not new and it won’t make the news. In fact, many companies do that, they probably hire more employees than your company and no one is even interesting about it.

Unless you are hiring these employees to host a job fair, then you don’t need a press release. You can also make it newsworthy after your newly hires employees help your company launch a new product or service.

Planning to participate in an event or a trade show

Successful companies or business owners don’t feel the excitement that comes with participating in a trade show, but startups do. They become excited once they are invited to participate in a trade show, but they need to know participating in one is not news.

For on the new product you will be unveiling at the trade show and not the plans you have.

The fact that you are participating is not news, but the product you plan to unveil is news in itself.

Often, business owner and companies fail to understand what makes news and what does not. The list above shows things that are won’t make news, things that make your press release fall out. Instead, think about new products, important things that are significant to the public and the media.

Stop focusing on wrong elements that are significant to you or your employs and thing about the public at large. Then you can start writing press releases that will not fall out and ones that spread the news about your company.

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