How to Write High-Quality Press Release Content

Writing and distributing your brand news in an essential thing that every brand needs to do. It helps your brand stay relevant in the minds of your wider customer base and that of the media.

However, a press release can accomplish much when crafted in the right manner. There are key elements you need to consider for you to write a high-quality press release content.

Whether you are targeting an audience, journalists and investors, you have to produce a high-quality content. Because you are competing against other companies that may be having a strong presence in the media, there are a set of rules you can follow to come up with a high-quality and compelling press release.

Make it insightful and relevant

To write an insightful and relevant press release in the hardest thing to do and the one that requires a lot of preparation and patience.

The content of your press release needs a purpose beyond the company’s twitter feed or your website feed. To create a high-quality press release, start by creating an editorial calendar, coordinate everything with your products, your target audience and sales.

Write about a study you want to report on or a white paper you are proud of an upcoming trade show or even an executive saying in your company. Search engines and readers can quickly tell if what you have written relying on the insightful and relevant information on your press release.

Avoid short and unsubstantial messages

A press release is a chance to get the word out. Search engines do not only look for the minimum word count, but also for a high-quality content. This means that you need to produce a press release that isn’t a quick post with a few quotes, information about the brand and links to outdated product pages.

Write a press release with the aim of going trust from the readers and the media especially reporters. They should not think of you as a spammer.

Don’t fill your press release with unsubstantial messages instead, ensure you deliver substantial (authoritative, insightful and relevant) messages.

Identify an interesting and clear news announcement

The main purpose of your press release is to remind your clients, the media, other business or whoever it may concern why your company is relevant.

Let it answer the question of what your company has achieved recently, how you are recognized as a leader in your respective industry, what new services and products you are offering. These are just some of the things you need to write about on your press release.

Answering these questions can guide the direction of the press release and explain why and how your company has an impact on the industry.

Use your brand assets to engage customers

In the age where SERPs are updated with potential links that users can click on, you can use them to engage your customers.

A study done by HubSpot in 2016 reported that 43% reader gets information by skimming online content. That means the possibility of readers reading your press release in full is two out of five. So to keep your readers engaged use:

  • Company logos to provide a visual representation of your company.
  • Infographics to demonstrate your brand’s expertise
  • Video and a sound clip for visually engaging and to tell the audience what they want to know.
  • Photographs of your events that your company has hosted or participated in.

Be the authority

Achieving authority is a nebulous challenge, but it means owning your press release with expertise and confidence.

Spot-on data, well-attributed quotes, and clean writing are always what the media, search engines and reporters are looking for, they will never go out of style. That does mean you can incorporate some fun in your press release, but don’t be too subtle or overly clever with your message.

Be transparent and avoid the risk of undermining the importance of your authority because your audience will also do that. Let your audience know your intentions from the word go.

Engage your reader from the start

Avoid starting your press release with a dry quote from an executive. A press release example that has a dry quote is the one quoting as to why a deal will be better or why the product is the best for your company’s future. Start by engaging your readers. You can achieve that by focusing on why the story matters, including incorporating relevant videos, eye-catching photos and call to action early on. Many readers engage easily with visual contents than text-only content.

Writing a high-quality press release is not an easy task. Your press release can have great intentions but fall flat because it was tossed out for lack of relevant, engaging and subtle message. Make it easy for readers everywhere to digest and don’t forget about transparency. If the challenge lies in balancing style, a right formatting will help.

Before press release distribution, make sure it is worth attention.


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