How to Write a Winning Press Release for Your Brand

Whether your company is hosting a big event, launching a new product or services or hiring an industry recognized guru, there is no better way to get the word to the public than using a positive press release. A press release is a news story or a few new stories highlighting your big announcement or progress in a positive way. But, how do you get a craft a winning press release?

While the social media and the internet as a whole have changed the way brands interact with customers and the media, a press release is a game changer in the industry. Press releases have been there for a long time, but a crafted, good and positive press release makes a big change in your company.

Let’s take a look at some things you need to consider to write a winning press release.

Grab the attention of people using a good headline

Just as an article, promotional pamphlet or a book, the beginning of a press release is the most important things. A strong headline will attract any media or person looking for a good story. A headline makes an announcement about what’s in the press release, so take an ample time thinking and crafting a compelling one. Be specific about what you want and use the most exciting part of your announcement, it should be accurate and engaging.

Get it right with the opening paragraph

Most reporters are busy people, they don’t have the time to read and try to get what your press release is saying. Let’s assume the reporter will read the first sentence and then scan the rest, then make the first paragraph engaging and entertaining at the same time. A press release should always start with the distribution place and the date you are sending it. Then it can be followed by a brief summer on the announcement, usually one sentence. The sentence can include information similar to the headline, but with a bit more details in it.

The body

The body of your release is where you elaborate who, what, where, how and why. Using a format that best suits your brand. Write short paragraphs with the key details about your announcement.

The body of your press release can be 3 to 4 paragraphs depending on you. Include a quote or two from a high-ranking executive within the company or from an expert.

It is a great way add a human touch to your press release and voice your brand.

Include hard numbers

There are some press release examples filled with creative and colorful narrative. You might think that these are great press releases, but they are not.

Press releases should be packed with hard numbers that support your announcement or the significance of your product.

Leave the artistry and colorful narratives to the writers. If you claim about anything on your press release, back it up.

Quantify your argument to make a more compelling press release.

Avoid grammatical flaws

There is nothing bad like reading a press release full of grammatical errors. Remove grammatical flaws by proofreading your press releases.

Once you are finished, give other people like your colleagues to proofread it before you send to be published. Reporters take everything seriously, so even a single mistake can dissuade reporters. They can’t take you seriously.

Include your contact information

Your press release can be ineffectual because of lack of contact information. Contact information is important because people and even the press will use it to follow up with you.

Whether some at the company or you are at the point of contact, include it on your release, it can be an email address or a phone number.

The information shop should preferably be on the top page of the press release.

One page is the best or two maximum

The shorter a press release is the better. Limit yourself to one page or two if you have to. More than that can lead to repetitions of ideas. One page will force you to condense your information into a more readable, grammatically flawless and compelling press release.


A boilerplate is the sentences at the end of the release. It can be a standard 3-5 sentence that quickly explains what you do and what your business is so that journalist can quickly get what your brand does. Boilerplate usually includes key facts you want to highlight, your mission statement and a link to your website.

Writing a press release is not as easy as people may think. You can follow the above tips to write an engaging and compelling press release, then use press release distributions services to get it out. Remember what you want is to draw the reader in, to successfully make the press release simple, engaging, to the point and compelling.

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Great post! I find the headline is the most important aspect to a good press release, need to grab people’s attention. xx

Staci Beth

I am so thankful for this because this is the one area of marketing that has stumped me! I’m bookmarking this post and subscribing. Thanks for sharing!!

Miss Monèt

Great post! This was beneficial information. I didn’t realize the importance of a press release. Kind of reminds me of a newsletter, especially the part about engaging the reader right away.

Miss Monèt

Saint Facetious

Great advice! I find also sticking to a loose pyramid is a good format as well.