8 Ways to Make Your Press Releases Stand Out

Do online news sites, newspapers and other magazines use a press release? Although some companies underestimate the power of the press release, it is by far the most effective form of publicity used by editors of magazines, newspaper and online news to spread the news about a certain company.

Both online and offline press release is used to promote business and a company’s product or services noticed by customer, investors and other business.

The number of press releases released runs into hundreds and thousands each day if not more. Some get published in newspapers or sites while others get tossed aside because they are not compelling enough. To avoid getting your press release getting tossed out, you need to follow these simple steps.

The steps will help the way your story is generated and get credible publicity for you and your company. Here are the eight tips to write a press release that will impress reporters, increase your chances of publication and make your press release stand out among the cloud.

Make the right connections

Press releases get ignored if it does not target the right audience. They include the most extraordinary press release on earth. So before you distribute your press release using press release distribution services or even before you start calling reporters and journalists with news, sit down and think what you want to talk about.

Assess your target audience and do your research about the media outlets they are most likely to use.

Don’t submit something that is or was already news

The first mistake a company makes when submitting a press release is to submit something the press already know about. Something that is already news.

Try and find a new angle and a new twist that will guarantee your success. Avoid making your story boring and dull. Get inspiration and ideas from the newspapers and magazines themselves or relevant online pages and pay close attention to them because they suggest something that will work for you.

Answer the 5 Ws

Once you have figured your target audience and have the idea of what your press release should be like, start writing. First and foremost a winning press release needs to be written using an inverted pyramid. In essence, let your first sentence sum up your entire press release.

Answer who, what, where, when and why as you progress writing your release, but the first sentence should sum up everything. Make sure it’s straight to the point and does not ramble.

Add detail to your press release

Adding a little detail to the body of your release is important. You can add information about your website and your contacts.

Remember, editors start to delete paragraphs from the end, so adding vital information from early on the release is important.

Include the benefits of your products or services

If you are offering products or services at a cheaper price, mention it in your press release. If your services can help make customers healthier, wealthier and happier, say so.

Tell your clients the benefits of your products or services to them because no one wants to know the benefits it has for you as the owner.

Add a little flavor

There is always a chance to make your press release stand out by adding a little flavor to entice reporters, investors, and customers. Do you have a quote from at least an executive or two within your company, include it in your story. The quotes will make the story to slip past the editors. After all, your press release worthless if it does not have a couple of faces or names in it. You can also add, photographs, infographics, and videos.

Finish off with a friendly reminder

Once you have a compelling headline that summarizes your story, a lead sentence that contains main points, answered the five Ws and add a little flavor, it’s time to sign, seal and deliver your press release. After that, it’s waiting time, give journalists a day or two to respond and if you don’t hear from them, think about making a follow-up quick call or a sending an email.

There is nothing wrong with that, but make it as friendly as possible and why they should be interested.


Finally, after all the hard work, you got your company news out there in the open. Don’t sit back and relish your minor success, instead use the various press release distribution services to publish and distribute your story.

Making as many people as possible see and read your story is part of your job. Tweet links to your follower, use social media such as Facebook to start a conversation about your story and much more. Capitalize on your publicity, the publicity of your employees and your company publicity for your press release distribution.

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