6 Press Release Writing Tips to Drive Results


No matter the industry your company is, you are bound to face competition from other players in the industry and sometimes it’s a lot of competition. To stand out from others in the industry and drive results to your company, you need to use the most effective marketing tool, the press release well.

Press releases are designed to motivate a target audience or journalists into taking action. There are various tips and tricks you can use that lend credibility to your press release, but we recommend the following six tips to help write a press release that will catch the attention and your audiences and journalist and drive results.

Think like a reporter

A press release should always speak the language of journalist and should be professional. If you are targeting specific journalist, make sure your press release speaks their language. Before submitting your press release, make sure the content is optimized for phrases that are pertinent with what the journalist’s research online and within social channels. If your headline leverage the product name or the company names, it unlikely for success because journalist won’t find you.

Research, research and research some more

Coming up with a great press release that drives results in not easy, it more like doing an investigation and coming up with an accurate report.

First, start by understanding your target journalist and audience before research, then research to identify what is happening in the industry or trends that you can leverage to make your story more relevant and timely.

Research and find your hook by research other press releases, and blog post on your competitors in the industry.

Gather as much information as possible and use them as a guideline of your own release.

An example of a press release that can drive results is a press release that has statistics on how certain product or service enhances the quality of life. Research and share the information with your audience. A well-researched and written press release deserves time and space in the spot light.

Write in a newsworthy style

sometimes, press releases content go far towards promoting products and services rather than explaining the benefits, features and the problems it solves.

Although you are allowed to incorporate some advantages in your press release, it does not mean you make it promotional.

Editorials staffs are often wary of press releases that sound too promotional. Instead, they prefer a content that explains why your product or service excels in the industry if you back it with statistics, links, facts, and customer quotes to more detailed information.

You have the freedom to celebrate your new with enthusiasm, but not with endless boasting.

Briefness and conciseness is appreciated

Journalists and editors are the busiest people. They have loads of stories to cover and lots of content to edit.

When you send a few pages of a press release, a possibility of it being tossed aside are high. To attract a response, write a brief press release starting with the most important details first.

Start with a great headline, then a general information about the company, company quotes and the history of the product.

Let the most compelling information be first to draw attention and if you have additional information leave a link that leads to the information.

Avoid reputation and jargon it kills your press release instead of helping your write a killer press release.

Use all content opportunities

A press release should include a headline, subheading, body copy and an about us section or the boilerplate. Often people writing press releases tend to ignore the advantages of each section not taking the full advantage that presents itself.

When writing a press release, make sure your hyperlink key phrases to content on the website if anyone would want more information about the company, product or service.

In addition, add files, images, and videos that enable the reader to visualize and to access content within different formats.

Share the news

There is no way you are going to drive results to your company if no one or just a few people know about your products and services.

To drive results, start by sharing your news on the various platform across the internet, social media, newspapers and magazines. A good press release distribution service will help syndicate your news on different sites to attract readers.

Don’t shy away from tweeting and emailing a link. You can even post on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outposts.

Press release or as other prefer to call it news release may seem simple if you have not written one, but once you start, it may seem like something foreign to you. Leveraging the power of these 6 tips will help you craft a press release that drives results.

Keep your audience in mind and out your thoughts and time in creating a winning press release.


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