How to get rid of your Fears and become an Entrepreneur

You have been planning to quit your job for years on end.

The desire to start up your entrepreneurship journey is burning, and you must start come what may. But somehow, you still do not start.

Why, because you have responsibilities, it is still not the perfect time, or you do not have enough cash. The bottom line is you are not starting because you are afraid.

The rest are all excuses.

Here is how you shun the fear and take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

  1. Just do it

You can never overcome fear by staring straight into its face. Whatever the situation is, just take a plunge.

Most of the time, when you venture into entrepreneurship, you will fail at first. But if you embrace the failure, it will be a lesson and a stepping stone for your success. The best way to doing anything is simply getting started.

The outcome of your business is not anything you can control. So why worry about anything that you have no control over in the first place?

  1. Identifying your fear

Identifying the exact thing that gives you goose bumps in entrepreneurship is important. Fear is always far deeper and intrinsic.

Pick a pen and paper and write down factual things that are deep down within you that are causing the fear.

Be categorical for example, not making ‘x’ amount of money after ‘y’ months or years, upkeep and survival money for ‘x’ period. This way, you will be able to identify and narrow down on ways of overcoming those challenges.

  1. Knowing your resources

Once you know what is keeping you away from your entrepreneurship goal, come up with a plan of the things that you could do in case this problem materialize. Identify the resources that you can dig to if you experience the challenges.

Ensure you carry out an exercise in contingency planning writing down in details what you will do in case you fail. Creating an action plan helps in removing clutter from your mind from all the unnecessary fears.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted, neither is it for the rich and mighty. With all the above plans, now get into the business.

Do not aim for a record-breaking long jump at the early stages of your business.

Give your business time to grow and gain a market niche. Slowly but surely the business will start giving you returns.

If you fail at one area, learn from that mistake and continue

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