51 Practical Ways to Make Money from Blogging

You’ve most likely seen the way planners give free seminars to attract clients. Blogging is more like the seminars. Blogging is like giving your knowledge and expertise to attract clients and gain their trust. In other words, the blogger makes money by using their blogs as lead generation mechanisms. They nurture the leads, and eventually, they will be ready to purchase. In the end, the blogger makes money.

Here is a comprehensive guide for beginners who wish and want to make money blogging. It’s not just theory, but practical ways that will guide you on your first steps of making money blogging.
How are bloggers making money online?
There are several ways you can make money from home and blogging is one of them. But, do you have to be a top blogger or have a website to make money blogging? That’s what this post is all about. The first things you need to know is the fact that once you start using your blogs to make money, then you instantly become an entrepreneur and your logging becomes your small business.

Here are proven ways for beginners to make money online. Practical ways to make money from blogging.
1. Make money using affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is one way almost all bloggers use when they start making money blogging. This method is a money making method where you as a blogger recommend services or products to your audience using a special link provided to you. Every time a person in your audience using the link to get the services or buy the products, you get paid for it.

Affiliate marketing is comparable to helping a friend open a bank at your local bank. Usually, you will be gifted with a gift voucher or bonus.
To find products you can promote, sites like Amazon, Share Sale and Commission Junction. Statistics  shows that in 2016 alone, retailers spent around $4.7 billion on affiliate marketing. The same study shows that in 2020 the figures will rise to more than $6.8 billion. Why not take your share of the money.
2. Pay per click adverts
You want to make money blogging, but don’t get carried away. If you are a beginner, pay per click adverts is the best way to make money online using your website and blog posts. The world is changing. Companies are using digital ways to market themselves.

According to a study , the PPC or CPC campaign has increased by more than 4% since 2013. Sites to use are Yahoo Publisher Network, Chitika, Adbrite, Kontera, and InfoLinks among others.
If you want to make some real money with Pay per click or cost per click, Google AdSense gives you the best options. Google AdSense is an advertising program in which people publish relevant ads on their websites. It’s a great way for beginner blogger to make money online. Although earlier on we mention Pay per click, we’ve added Google AdSense because there are different sites that provide these services. Some people get confused.
With Google AdSense, you need to apply, and after your application is verified, Google starts placing codes on your blogs. This way you can make a few bucks every month. Many bloggers are now making thousands each month. Other AdSense alternatives like contextual can help you make more money.
3. Sponsored reviews
The sponsored reviews are when you write paid reviews of services and products. There are thousands of companies searching for people to write honest reviews about their products and services. They pay bloggers with successful blogging sites, and you can be one of them.

The aim of using sponsored reviews is to increase their revenue by bringing a lifelong income from your review and blogs. However, you need to be very cautious. A wrong product will destroy your reputation.

3. Sponsored reviews
4. Selling ad space
Have you ever thought of selling ad space on your websites and blogs? Websites like blogads.com or buysellads.com can help you sell your space. If you have a blog and you have visitors, selling some space for people to advertise on your blogs will bring you real money without much headache.

Also, consider creating a page or placing a link for advertisers to deal directly with you.
Statistics show the amount of money companies are willing to use in advertising is increasing daily. The amount was expected or reach 550 billion in 2017. See this statistic at and start getting your share.
5. Sell a product or service
Selling products mean you can sell anything that belongs to you. Most bloggers create an eBook about any topic, like how to make money online and sell them. You can even sell physical products and the services you offer like website creation among others. This method is better when it comes to conversion from your niche visitors.
6. Donation button
A donation button is among the best methods of making money using your blog. The easiest way to do so is by using PayPal. PayPal offers steps to step guide on a donation button. If you are interested visit the paypal developer page and start to create your donation button now.
Once you get your donation button, you can add it to your website. Each time your visitors get the benefits from your content, they will donate to you using the button. If you are still new, this is a great way to begin.
7. Website Flipping
Website flipping means you get to buy and sell websites for a profit. Most of the time, bloggers will promote their sites and sell. The more your website becomes popular, there better your chances of selling it at a higher amount. Some bloggers sell their websites from even 10 to 15 times the monthly income.
A site like DealaSite.com, Flippa, and WebsiteBroker are someplace you can auction your website. The business is hot. Some bloggers use $100 to start a website, make it successful before selling it for $2000 or even $10,000 depending on you and your clients.
8. Sell sponsored blog posts
There are readers who get offended or annoyed by ads on blogs. More and more people nowadays use ad blockers. Because of this, many companies have opted for using bloggers. This method is more like the way companies use TV shows, sports, and other industries to advertise what they are doing. They pay you to represent their services or products, talk about what they offer and promote it to your website visitor.
Before you venture into this way of monetizing your blog, make sure you understand the laws in your state. For instance, in USA blogger need to comply with FTC’s endorsement guides when publishing a sponsored post.
9. Create a members only area on your blog
If you have loyal readers of your blogs. Why not consider creating a members-only area where you can share in-depth topics and blog posts, video, audio and downloads with them. Membership sites are very lucrative as the provide blogger with recurring revenue.

If you are interested, sites like Rainmaker can help you create a membership site. Also, check sites like ReflexionYoga.com, Geeks Life and Quiet Speculation for more insight.
10. Create a private forum
Another option to membership site is the private forum. Private forums allow users access to forums after they pay. These forums offer your readers’ opportunities to interact with each other, provide help and also get advice one-on-one from you.

A paid private forum is an excellent way you can earn recurring revenue. Visit this site and learn how you can create a private forum. Check other sites like Simply Discus, RedIssue, and Endurance Nation for more information.
11. Run a service-based business
Most bloggers have started a service-based business to capitalize on their blogging talents. For example, if you have some experience in web-design, since you spend a lot of time blogging and creating content, you can also decide to use some of the time to tell your visitor about your web designing business.

Your website is the best place to start your business. With a targeted audience, it’s the perfect foundation to launch your business. You can earn part-time to full-time income using this method.
12. Be a coach
Have you ever considered web coaching as a way of making money using your blogs? Blog coaching is growing in popularity. If you have a skill and knowledge that you think people would like to know, work with them.

If this sounds interesting, then you need to create content on a niche that you are familiar. See who your ideal client is and figure out where they will be after coaching. A blog coach offers many bloggers an opportunity to make extra dollars at the end of the month. You can be a personal coach to many people seeking online coaching services.
According to market research, the US market personal coaching value is estimated to reach $1.34 billion by 2022. The average coaching income ranges from $27,100 to $73,100. Why don’t you try coaching and monetize your blogs? Check these stats . A blogger like Timothy Sykes of make income offering coaching and selling products on his website.

Be a coach
13. Be a consultant
If you don’t have the necessary skill to coach other people, why don’t you be a consultant? Many people out there are looking for people who they can consult for business related issues, fitness, family issues and other things. Being a consultant means you can work with your clients online or one-on-one.

People are always searching for someone who can advise them. Mind you, most people don’t like visiting people in their offices for a being a consultant offer you the opportunity to talk to people and at the same time making lots of cash on a daily and monthly basis.
14. Consider starting an E-course
E-course is one thing you can do to monetize your blogs. With the E-course, you don’t need to have a large audience. They are scalable, meaning once you have to create one program or product. You can sell it as many times as you wish. If you enjoy teaching and marketing aspects, then this is the best thing you should consider doing.

Create an e-course that focuses on your field of experience, knowledge or skills.
The only thing you need to know about the e-course is that you need to put a lot of commitment and dedication. They are the key to succeeding. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income makes money selling courses among other things.
15. Hosting live workshops
You must have heard about this. Just like e-course, online workshops involve pre-selling your class even before it starts. This means you need to let your audience know that they need to sign up before the deadline. Once the deadline passes, they won’t see you live.
Also, like an e-course, online workshop needs lots of dedication and commitments. After creating the videos, you can resell them over and over.
16. Become a Freelance writer or editor
There are skills that you can use to make money online. Being a blogger means you have the capacity to write. And if you can write for yourself, why not write for companies and individuals who need blogs for their sites.

For instance, Vitaly Friedman started out as a freelance web designer before becoming a blogger. Later on, they met with Sven Lennartz, before he started to write for his German magazine. Now together they own the smashing magazine. Who knows what can happen once you start writing and editing, you may be the next Vitaly.
17. Go for podcast sponsorship
Are you passionate and knowledgeable about a niche? Can you build an engaged audience? Why don’t you consider podcast sponsorship? A podcast is a more natural and less grating way of delivering ads to your audience. This practice is long established and has incredible benefits for many bloggers.

For example, John Lee Dumas, the founder of EOFire has been in the Podcast business for long. He knows the benefits of this venture. Another person who enjoys podcasting is Colin Gray. Visit his website and read some of his posts.
18. Try the joint venture
If you want to monetize your blogs, then you need to start marketing using your blogs and website. After you join joint ventures, you can join forces with other bloggers with the same mind as yours before you can leverage existing resources.

For instance, if you want more traffic to your website, a partnership with another established marketer will serve you well. Find other joint venture marketers in a place like social media platform, use Google or any other search engine to identify who you want. Make sure you choose your niche and get details about other partners.
19. Create a paid Directory Website
Another option of monetizing your blog is by creating a directory website. Although generic web directories are not necessary, local or niche directories are used. These directories are about reviews about a local business, list best products in the niche of your choice, or share podcast on a given topic.

You can use a web directory in Word Press to create one. Visit wpbeginner  and learn how to start one.
20. Offer Social media training
If you are a blogger and you are resisting social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you need to rethink your money making strategies. Many people are using social media, but they don’t know how to tweet or even post something on Facebook.

Even though social media has changed the way business market their services and products today, there is still room for social media training.
One person who is using this form to make money is Natalie Gouche.
21. Write tweets and social media post for companies
Companies are looking all over for people who can engage their customers by replying to their quest. Why don’t you consider using your time doing this as a form of blogging? Instead of focusing too much or writing blogs that don’t add income to your monthly check, tweeting and writing posts for companies and even some individuals who are too busy can be the best way to make money blogging.
22. Sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle
If you want to make money selling eBooks, why don’t you try the Amazon Kindle? Amazon Kindle offers you a chance to become a good writer and author of your book and at the same time allows you to make good money.

For instance, a book by Nathaniel burns shows how he sells eBooks on Amazon Kindle and makes $4,000 a month. You can follow his steps and make a transition from being a blogger to an author and at the same time make some good cash.Sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle
23. Email and chat customer support agent
Do you enjoy helping people, but not directly by phone and you don’t want to sit in an office? Most companies hire individuals to answer questions and chat with clients via email and chat. These individuals must be a proficient typist, which most bloggers qualify.

If you think this is something you can enjoy doing, try sites like the Chat Shop and Convergys. Visit here for more sites. Other sites that offer online chat jobs include The Chat Chop, Needle, Apple At Home, SiteStaff and Arise among others.
24. Complete paid survey
If you check online, there are legitimate websites that offer individual money for their opinion. Others offer sweepstake entries, shopping vouchers, and other rewards once you participate in surveys. When it comes to paid surveys, you will always receive some form of compensation for your time.

You might want to try sites like MySurvey and InboxDollars. Check here for other paid survey sites.
25. Consider digital downloads
If you are dealing with an affiliate or selling products, consider trying digital downloads. Since you are adding these products to your blogs and website, the digital downloads make it extremely easy for you to sell digital products. There are digital download programs that will work for you.

Once you find the one you want to use, set it up so that your customers can easily purchase services and products by clicking the button provided.
26. Use influencer marketing to monetize your blogs
As you blogger, you can become an influencer. Most companies will rely on you for your expertise because of your trust with customers. Your blogging experience is the reason why companies are more likely to pay you to provide a review that will influence your reader and turn them into potential customers. There are a lot of ways you can use influencer marketing. Uses influencer marketplaces like Tribe, IZEA for creators and Webfluencial.
27. Guest posts
Did you know you can offer blogging services to other websites as a guest blogger? For years guest blogging has been used by many bloggers, especially beginners as a way of earning money blogging. An interesting statistic by Hubspot shows that marketers who prioritize blogging get 13X positive ROI.

Most people don’t have that time of blogging while others need a different style and options to give their audience something new. If you think is something you can do, then go for it and earn.
Another way of earning from guest blogging is including your website link to your guest blog. But, do this only if the one you are guest blogging for agrees with you. If not, write your blog and earn money. You can also use sites like Problogger Job Board, BloggingPro Job Board and Writer Gigs on Flexjobs and get paid as a guest blogger.
28. Promote Vlogs
Have you tried podcasts, then Vlogs should be the next thing on your list if you want to make money online. The beauty of blogging lies in its simplicity. All you need is passion and a webcam to succeed. Use free video editing tools available at Real.com. After editing, you can actively promote your Vlogs (video blog) to increase your revenue.

Also, don’t forget active SEO application to intensify your earning potential. Sites like Weebly and Squarespace can help you create a higher quality Vlog for your money making purposes.
29. Run events or summits with paid submissions
Running an event or events is something blogger do to earn a decent income through their blogs. In these events, you can host other bloggers, or engaging your audience. To succeed, choose a niche that will interest most people. You can make money by finding sponsors of the events or by charging readers who want to attend the event. Online summits or events are getting popular day after day, take the chance to increase your revenue.
30. Create a job directory site with a paid submission
Creating a job board the allowing only for paid submissions when you create a job directory site where people can pay to view the jobs available. Also, companies can pay you to advertise an open position in their company to your audience.

As WordPress put it, “you can charge businesses for listing submissions as well as those who are looking for a new job for the ability to apply to positions and submit their resume. You can create different packages and offer various perks for different price levels such as priority position, automatic relisting of their ads, and more.” check out
31. Host paid Webinar
Hosting a paid Webinar is currently on the increase because of the kind of revenue it brings. Webinars are a great way to share your experience and build your audience, but you not for free. Similar to online courses, live Webinars can include a question and answer section. There are software you can use to create Webinars like GoToWebinar and Webinars OnAir among others.Host paid Webinar
32. Domain Flipping
Ever thought of creating and selling domain names? Domain names are hot cakes. A domain is a unique way to invest, to succeed, start by building high-quality domain names, and advertise them on your blogs with the aim of accomplishing something in the future.


You can also choose high profile domains or use generic names that describe new and emerging products or services. However, avoid any trademark or copyright issues that may result in domain forfeiture. You can sell domains in sites like Flippa, Domain Market, Brand Bucket and Sedo among others.
33. Sell graphics
If you like designing, then another option of making money online is through graphics. Since you are already a blogger and you have your audience, it will be easier to design your graphics and sell them to your audience.

Make sure they like your niche, and you provide something unique that can be accessed anywhere. Create things such as logos, stock images, and sell them on your site. Also, consider joining the online marketplace like Fiverr, GraphicRiver and DesignCrowd among others and sell your graphic to a wider audience.
34. Write and sell jokes
Some people want to make money blogging, but they don’t find a better way to do so. Create and sell your jokes is an easy way to get leads and make money. While you can sell products and service and even include ads and affiliate links, you can also create jokes and sell them. Jokes can include stories and simple sentences that make people laugh.

Companies and individuals might want something funny to make their clients hooked up, but they don’t know how to come up with them. Helping them and advertising yourself using your blogs is the best way to start. Find out how you can go about it here.
35. Try telemarketing jobs
If you are a blogger and needs to make extra cash, why don’t you try a telemarketing job? Companies and individual are looking for people working from home to help them in telemarketing. This job includes direct marketing, where you need to solicit prospective customers to purchase services or products.

The best place to start are sites like Upwork. Use this link  and see people who make money from offering telemarketing jobs.
36. Create campaigns and competitions for companies
If you are serious about blogging, then you might as well try creating campaigns and competition for companies. It is something some bloggers use to earn money blogging.

First, you might want to create a few samples and post them on your blogs to promote yourself. You can also send some to your audience via email or newsletter to promote what you are doing.

Visit Dream Grow or Short Stack and learn one thing or two about campaigns.
37. Sell white label rights
White label rights are the same as private label rights. This kind of business includes reselling rights. Authors sell their article, eBooks and even graphics templates to people who later rebrand them under their brand or name. It means the product can be sold, resold, modified or repurposed in other formats. White label is commonly used by webmaster and internet marketers.

Sites like White Label DSP, White Label SSP and White Label SEO Services for Resellers can help you with more information. Also, visit Quora and see other sites listed there.
38. Email marketing
Email marketing is an incredible way for bloggers to make money blogging. Email marketing is what most bloggers use to promote and sell their products and services online.

The best thing about email marketing, it’s the cheapest method of marketing and promoting products and services you offer. If done right, it can increase traffic to your website in the process, allowing you to sell your products.
You can also add affiliate links in your email and earn money even without blogging. For successful email marketing make sure your emails are similar to sales pitches. Make them unique by personalizing them to your niche and voice. Use tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Aweber.Email marketing
39. Offer freelancing services
As a blogger, you know your niche. You probably are writing something about your niche. Freelancing is a way of making extra money. For instance, you can offer freelancing services such as transcribing sites like FIVERR. Start earning cash once potential clients see your expertise and skills.

Promote these things in your blogs and thank me later. Freelancer and Upwork are other sites you can use.
40. Newsletters
A newsletter is another way of promoting your blog and making money blogging. A newsletter has some benefits such as.
• Create loyalty
• Developing trust and lasting relationship
• Driving Page Views/Traffic
• Building a Core Community
• Enhancing Reader Engagement
• Help build Momentum
• Opens Up Possibilities for blog Monetization
Use sites like Aweber and Get Response to deliver your newsletters to your readers.
41. Email coaching
Email coaching is easy to use, flexible and highly recommended. Creative coaching via email doesn’t include things like phone calls and appointments. You connect with your clients via email. To start you need to create an in-depth questionnaire which is referred by other as ‘The You Review.’

Using the questionnaire review your clients’ challenges, dreams and hopes, preferences and ambitions before responding via email and explore the challenges and creating a plan you will use to coach your clients.

Danielle Raine and Ginny Williams of  make a living doing this.
42. Email courses
Similar to online coaching or video course, sending email coaching to your audience is one way you can make money. It might be difficult for some of your visitors to access online courses, but easier when it comes to email courses. An email course includes sending emails over a period of time.

For instance, you might have a great product or book that can deliver value to your clients and value outweighs the cost, then you can use email course to successfully deliver the value to them. To start a paid email course consider using sites like Drip or Convertkit.
43. Provide office hours
Your audience sometimes needs to speak with you one-on-one even though they read everything you publish. Offering office hours will allow you to sell your time and help your audience. If this is something you can do, be specific about the time you spend with a person.

Use some scheduling software to track your time. Visit Inspired Bloggers University and see how you can succeed.
44. Become a social media influencer
Did you know you can make money on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other sites? All you need is an account and engaged followers. Start by applying for social media influencer programs and start to earn once your application is accepted.

Check this out and learn simple ways to succeed. Who knows you might be the next Mari Smith, Jeff Bullas or Jay Baer.Become a social media influencer
45. Audits and reports
Audits and reports are things you can provide as personalized services. A good example is auditing someone’s website and blogs and see if they can be improved. You can also offer auditing services when it comes to the company’s assets, liabilities, how workers are performing and much more.

If you want to offer reports and auditing services, include everything you will be doing and what your clients should expect. Give them a guarantee, don’t just tell them.
46. Data entry clerk
Data entry is a job closely related to blogging. There are online sites and companies looking for individuals to help them with data entry jobs like adding documents and file online among other things. Sites like Lionbridge and DoinData Solutions offer for jobs people who want to be data entry clerks.

These jobs also include typist jobs. Visit this site and check data entry sites you might be interested in. For example Anna Figueroa is a professional data entry clerk. Check her profile.
47. Complete short tasks
Micro-task or sort tasks are just tasks that can take you second to complete then get paid. These tasks might include testing websites, watching videos, internet searches and much more. The task varies greatly depending on the site you are using and your experience.

You can try sites like Fiverr, CashCrate, and FusionCash to earn. Also, Swagbucks, Clickworker, Rev and Mechanical Turk can help.

Also visit Frugal For Less and check other sites you can enjoy. Holly Reisem Hanna is a perfect example.
48. Network marketing programs
Network marketing is another way of monetizing your blog. Companies from all over the world, including Tupperware, Mary Kay, and Avon use network marketing. Network marketing includes helping other companies build their businesses.

Bloggers get paid because they assist companies recruit new customers.
Since the network marketing programs include being compensated for recruiting others than selling products and services, most revenue comes from recruitment. That means you need to know the law in your state to avoid any illegal pyramid scheme.
Network marketing can also help get more organic traffic to your website. SEO traffic will probably mean more leads and sales, which translates to increased revenue. Since 2016, network marketing has been on the rise.

Some facts about the increase are:
• More than 55,000 people sign up as network marketers each week in the US alone.
• More than 13 million people serve as distributors for companies dealing with network marketing.
• There are approximately 50 million distributors worldwide.
• Approximately 20 percent of network distributors work full-time and 80% work part-time.
Read these hard facts by visiting this site. Successful people like Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, and even Donald Trump have all engaged in network marketing at some point in their lives.

As Robert Kiyosaki puts it, “In network marketing, the whole point is not to sell a product but to build a network, an army of people who are all representing that same product or service to share with others.
Therefore, if you are really looking into ways of making money while blogging, try the network marketing programs.
49. Blog virtual assistance
Many people struggle when it comes to managing their blogs. There are several jobs you can do as a virtual assistant and make a good income. Some people offer virtual assistant blog management services where they get the changes to manage other people blog for a fee.

Others even go to the extent of coming up with blogs and marketing them for other bloggers and companies. The blog virtual assistant jobs are more like offering freelancing services at a pay. You get to work with new-age entrepreneurs and help with growing their business through blogging.
50. Write resumes and cover letters
Are you interested in making money, then try resume writing and cover letter writing? Freelance resume and cover letter writing jobs allow bloggers to make additional income.

There are many sites you can use to train and become a freelance resume writer. Sites like Career Lancer can help you become a freelance resume writer. Use  Peopleperhour, Freelance, and Upwork to find jobs.
51. Sell Audio Books on Audible
Selling audio books is another way you can make money blogging. First, you need to create your Audiobooks which include coming up with the content before turning it into audio. Then you can sell it on Audible and get regular pay.

Also, using Audible gives you regular pay in the form of royalties when your audiobook is sold. If not, you can still get $1/sale payment. The payment is part of the monthly or annual subscription from customers.

People like Hugh Howey, Scoot Sigler, Anna Parker and Neil Gaiman all engage in selling audio books. Visit acx or ad week and see how all these works.
Final words
There are different ways you can use to make money from blogging. We have compiled a list of 51 ways to make money while blogging. If you are passionate about blogging, you can as well earn from it. You don’t have to start with all of them, browse through the list and choose like five for a start.
In the end, making money is what makes blogging interesting.

Every article you publish, every coaching you do, every course you create changes someone’s life. Blogging informs, inspires and makes people lives better, but in the end, it makes you achieve your dream of monetizing your blogs. Start making money with your blog now.

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