5 Marketing Tips for Startup Entrepreneurs

Marketing is the core of any business.

Whether it’s a startup or the most prominent companies you see flossing around, their success is dependent on the marketing department. You have a great idea, and you come up with an even better product.

The hard part is now over because the product now is ready to start moving. While coming up with a good product and building it is thought to be the hardest part, it is just the start.

The most important bit is the next step which is getting the product to sell. No one is going to know how great your product is unless they try it out. It will be pretty hard to move forward if nobody is using your product and your business might stagnate on this step.

This is why you have to be aware of some marketing tips you can employ to help sell your product and get your business moving.

But then how do you do it? Some ideas trickle in mind with just a click of the thoughts and here are some of the marketing tips you can use and get your product moving.

  1. Make the product pretty

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to overdecorate the product. It means that the product has to be appealing enough to the probable clients.

Most people overlook this forgetting that the product needs to sell itself. Take all the time you can and invest money to make your product look good.

Whatever you are building from the product, website, mobile app, or the business cards have to look good for people to like them, especially for a new entrepreneur.

Someone else will see your customer using your product and because it is appealing, they will be interested and want to try it out too because it is good looking and attracts them.

  1. Market the product before it is ready

Don’t wait until the product is finished to start marketing it. Start awareness campaigns about your business and do some marketing before the product is out.

This drives the demand for the product or services high such that even before you release it, people already know about it. The demand cannot start at zero if you want the business to be successful. When you market the business before you launch, people will be eagerly waiting, and it will start selling as soon as you launch.

Let potential customers know that the product is coming. Sell the benefits before the product arrives, and when it arrives, the customers will be ready.

  1. Sell the benefits not comparisons

Marketing yourself especially before the product is out is all about highlighting what makes your product different. This can be done in three different ways:-

  • Show that you are better
  • Price your products better than the competition
  • Show the combined benefits. This will show that you offer better value when all the benefits of your products are combined.

There is a difference between how you market yourself and how you sell yourself. It is not enough to tell someone you provide products or services that are cheaper or more effective than that of the competition. Tell them how much better your products or services will make the customer’s life to be.

People don’t always buy features. Instead, they buy the benefits.

  1. Listen to the customers

Customers are the best marketers of your product whether you like it or not.

Frequently listen to your customers first hand. Nothing beats experience, and if a customer tries your products or services and they are good, they will be a walking and talking advert.

If a customer suggests a change in any of your products, make sure you listen and try to improve. It is not about tastes and preferences, but it is about doing what will get the customer happy and buy more of your products.

Your product will pop into the mind of a customer who had a good experience with it if they hear a person asking about problems that your product can solve. They will give their good experience with the product and customers trust each other and if they hear it is right, then the product will sell.

  1. Go to where the customers are

There’s nothing that beats customer interaction in marketing. Wherever your customers are, find them and make sure you interact with them and get their feedback and suggestions.

If your largest customer base is the internet or social media, make sure you do it right. Don’t just blast them with information without any interaction because all this might be useless.

This will help build loyalty among the customers because they know they can talk to you if they need to and they feel like they are talking to a real person.

We are past the age where people bought products, these days, people are buying feelings, and if you give it right to them, your product will sell amazingly.

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