Tools to Use for Scheduling and Managing Social Media Posts

While social media hosts an extensive collection of potential clients, it is overwhelming especially if you do not have the required tools or proper knowledge. In the modern world, major social networks are crawling with businesses from all over the world trying to reach a wider audience.

To achieve that, these companies are striving to stand out by finding the best to increase traffic or having the right tool to manage their social media posts.

Here are a few tools one for scheduling social media posts;


For easy navigation and simplicity, Buffer is the perfect software for your social networks. Once you have an account, you can easily add or remove any network.

On top of connecting your profile and pages, the connect tab gives you the opportunity to create and share content. When it comes to scheduling posts, Buffer has a custom and automatic option.

With automatic, the software determines the right time to post depending on your audience. Use the free trial to the maximum and even though it has limited features, it’s the best marketing tool at your disposal.


From a single dashboard, HootSuite manages multiple social profiles and automatically finds and schedules productive social media content.

With several subscription plans that depend on the number of users and profiles you want to connect, HootSuite is a great multitasking tool.

A robust training platform is available for interested parties to learn about social media marketing. This tool is used by millions of people globally for marketing especially if you have multiple social profiles.

The limited free trial plan is worth a shot but if you really want to explore social media marketing at its best, invest in the HootSuite paid plan.


When Twitter acquired TweetDeck in 2011, it has been successful and a powerful tool for engagement, tracking real-time progress and organizing.

Within a snap of a finger, one can follow several conversations, schedule tweets for later, manage multiple accounts or add GIF’s or images to your text.

Though it only supports Twitter, TweetDeck if free and the inbuilt Twitter analytic will help you track your performance.

Sprout Social

Real-time communication might be tricky where social media is concerned bot with Sprout Social; your team can communicate with brand advocates, come up with future strategies, schedule content, and watch out for customers’ social media mentions.

As the leading tools in social media management, Sprout Social uses ViralPost to ensure your posts are sent at the most productive time.

Monitoring your team’s activities is live with this tool plus it provides an in-depth analysis and reports to help you keep track of your performance.

Access to features depends on the type of subscription you can afford but as long as you have a profile on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, Sprout Social is your perfect digital tool.


This tool allows you to monitor and publish to your social accounts plus have access to real-time report data that shows which posts provide actual leads and sales.

Here, all your social media effort, emails, SEO, and CRM is integrated and compared to reveal your social return on investment. This software saves you time by prioritizing your social interactions.


Other than being the perfect tool for social media management tool, MavSocial has its perks as advertising software.

It helps you monitor communication between you and the users, schedule/reschedule content, track your social performance, and it is affordable.

Its digital library provides a platform where you can upload as well as manage photos/videos and access a wide range of stock photos through a search engine.

The free limited subscription allows members access few features while the paid plans vary accordingly.


This software connects your Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+ accounts especially where photos and videos are concerned. Other than scheduling your posts,

EveryPost retrieves visual content from various sources like YouTube or Flickr giving you an opportunity for uniqueness. With this tool, you can modify your posts to suit each social media site on your radar.

Like many social media tools, EveryPost has several tiers (payment plans), and one of them is free. However, the free subscription comes with limited features, but it will still boost your investment.

These are just but a few tools commonly used to manage social media and drive sales. Each one of them has a scheduling option as well as a chance to monitor or engage with clients.

Without the proper tools, you will waste a lot of time and miss several opportunities trying to manage one account at a time. You need these tools to streamline your social media marketing tactics, besides; it will be the easiest and cheapest way to reach the right people with compelling content at the right time.




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Deb Wolf

I like PromoRepublic, too! It’s easy to use and so helpful! Great article with really helpful tips. I need to start using a schedule for Twitter so I can be a little more consistent there. Thanks so much!