Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

If you own a company or provides products and services to consumers, you already have heard about various methods of marketing one of them being email marketing campaigns. Many businesses, when it comes to marketing, email marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing. There are also many software such as Salesforce, iContact, Emma and MailChimp that has made it easier for small and larger entities to automated emails.

While it may since like just another way of marketing, email marketing is a delicate way of marketing when compared to other forms of marketing. This method of marketing can turn from an efficient way of marketing and stay in touch with existing and potential customers to an evil spammer in a matter of minutes. How do you create a successful email marketing campaign?

Running an Email Marketing Campaign?

Here are some tips that will help you?

Send a welcome email

The moment your customers are anyone subscribes to your emails, it is the first step to building relations with your brand. Take that change to send them a welcoming email. The email should remind them that they have subscribed and you have received the information. You might want to include some exclusive content or a special offer, just make sure it is short and precise.


Having a target group will help you get the best from an email campaign.  Start by segmenting your audience. This will help you divide up your customers based on the preferences, characteristics and certain other things.

Strong subject line

The subject line of your email is what enticing your clients to open up and read your email. It promotes a sense of urgency and at the same time captures your customer attention. If done properly, it leads to conversions and increases return on investment.

Short subject line

Don’t forget that strong subject line doesn’t necessarily mean long subject line. Most of the times short subject lines work better than a long sentence.

Clear and concise

Most of the time, we only read a clear and concise email message. The possibility of ignoring a long email is high. To get your customers to read your email, cultivate the need of sending a clear and concise email with a short but strong subject line. Send people the content they want. You can use email campaign software that will allow you to segment your emails. It’s easy to earn and keep people trust by sending relevant emails that will keep your readers engaged and looking forward to other emails from you.

Design your emails to fit your brand

Email marketing campaign is all about your brand and nothing else. There are two ways of achieving this. Send a plain text email when you are sending a personal and engaging email. This kind is email comes across as more personal and less corporate. The other option is matching your email to your brand’s feel and look. Customize your template to include your brand logo, color, and other branding elements.

Make sure it’s always easy to subscribe

You need people to subscribe to your marketing database for you to email them. Make sure it’s simple to subscribe to your email. Share a signup form on your blog, Facebook page, your homepage, website, use twitter lead and anywhere else you think people can subscribe to your email campaign. As you do so, avoid going crazy with the number of fields required. Remember, you should also make it easy to unsubscribe.

Make it scannable

The possibility of your readers getting a lot of emails every day is high. Because of this, most readers will scan your email for key points instead of reading the whole email. Break the content of your email into small paragraphs instead of using one long block. Also, consider using bullets, additional color to highlight text or font bolding to phrases you know will be more important to your readers.

Landing pages

For effectiveness, evaluate your campaign landing pages before you send out emails. The landing page should have the same look and feel like the email and offer clear information about the highlighted text in the email.

Call to action

In addition to the landing page, make sure your email includes a call to action. It should be clear and obvious. You can have multiple calls to action mechanisms like a phone number, email, or any other alternative way your customer can use to respond.

Sending an email message to your customers required more than just sitting and composing emails. It requires attention, strong subject line, knowing your target audience and must include a call to action. You will also need to automate syncing your email contact with your CRM. Make sure your emails are timely and pay attention to people who unsubscribe. All the above leads to a successful email marketing campaign.

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Nicole | Glamorously You

These are wonderful tips! I am in the middle of improving the email marketing for my blog so these are very helpful 🙂


I don’t have an e-mail list set up yet. But I know I need to. Just need to figure out my goal (and everything else…)