Simple Tips on Landing Page Optimization

Many people are getting their business online every single day. The main reason for doing this is to make money online. However, to make money online, you need to have traffic to your website they convert them into customers. A Landing Page serves as the entry point to your website. One best way of getting traffic to your website and turning your page conversion rate is doing the landing page optimization. This is part of the broader internet marketing strategies. The goal is to improve the percentage of visitors to your website and increase your sales leads and customers.

Tips on Landing Page Optimization

What are the best strategies for landing page optimization or conversion rate optimization as other people know it?

Go straight to the point   

Most of us have short attention spans. Online audiences are most likely to avoid reading through and page of information. However, they will look for points by visually scanning. This means when designing or optimizing your landing page, get straight to the point. Address the reason succinctly and clearly. Consider highlighting your text or use bullet points. Make use of the things that keeps things brief, precise and to the point.

Tell your audience the benefits of the product or service.

To make a product or service more compelling, emphasize more on the benefits it offers. Don’t just describe it. It is not a must you brag, but you can change the perspective of the benefits. It helps users understand what you are offering them, personalize your messages and how it fits their life.

Make compelling offers

There is no better way to increase your conversation rate than when you offer your customers something valuable in exchange for their time or money. If you are looking to convert potential buyers into customers, offer valuable content as rewards. If it’s a service or product, add a free gift to it as an additional benefit.

Offer a video

Nothing interests people more than visuals. Using explainer videos such as whiteboard animations, infographics, and 2-D or 3-D videos is not only a way to capture their attention, but also helps in educating them about your product or service. Explainer videos help your audience understand your landing page, the point of it and spares them from skipping your product.

Use contrasting colors

When you are optimizing your landing page, don’t forget to include contrasting colors. Contrasting colors make it easier for your website visitors to see what they need to do. You can add contrasting colors to your call-to-action button. It is a better way of grabbing visitors’ attention and know what you want them to do.

Add impactful images or visual

Most people are more likely to view pages with colorful visual. Try to include attention-catching imagery or just a smiling face to make your visitors feel more welcomed, engaged and comfortable. Makes use of the Emoji that are available on different sites.

Avoid visual clutter

While adding videos and imagery to your landing page, take note of the ones you are using. Avoid visual clutter when optimizing your landing page. The idea of displaying extravagant visuals sounds like a fabulous idea, but in fact, they only add to distraction on your website if not used appropriately. The goal of using visuals to get conversions. Only include interactive, informative visual that complete your landing page and not ones that compete with it or other elements on the landing page.

Provide evidence

Another way of gaining your customer trust is using evidence from other customers who have used your services and products. If you have a pre-recorded webinar, you can include it as a gated content on a landing page. The pre-recorded webinar should include the value gained from attending or using your company product or seminar. You can also add an interactive piece of content or a video. They are powerful tools when used appropriately on the landing page.

Imply call to action

Call to action reminds users that they need to take action. They are the most important element on the page. It helps to encourage users to take action. A call to action seems like just a button, but it is the main thing that makes a difference between just a page and a high conversion landing page.

Optimize your form field

Finally, don’ forget to optimize your form fields. The sole purpose is to capture your users’ attention using your landing page. Without a form, it is impossible to do that.  The logic behind these forms is asking your visitors to take action without asking for more details.

Optimizing the landing page is the easiest way to improving your website traffic, leads and ROI. Make sure you identify the main element, edit your landing page to be search engine usable and friendly and run an A/B test using qualitative and quantitative feedback. Avoid default form submission button. Depending on your needs, the above tips will help you with your landing page optimization and increase your sales.


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great advice


Great tips, thank you!


This was a great post! You made some very valid and useful points. As a blogger, knowing these things will definitely come in handy and be beneficial!