How to Develop Twitter as a Content Marketing Strategy Component


One reason why companies and individuals engage in marketing is so that they grow. Growth includes your reputation, your impacts, customers, and even your revenue.

There are many ways people use to grow themselves and their business, but there is one emerging method that everyone should consider, Twitter.

Twitter, when used correctly is much more than just a social media platform, it is an essential component of marketing strategy.

Although Twitter is limited to 140 characters, here is how you can make it the best component of your content marketing strategy?

Establish KPIs and goals

Modern marketers use digital marketing strategies that are data-driven to increase and get better ROI. Before you start using it is crucial you define your KPIs and goals.

Defining your goal will help you establish key metrics you need to track your marketing performance.

Twitter can be used as a source of generating leads, boosting your brand engagement, to partner with influencers and much more. It’s an effective way to measure and analyze your performance.

Familiarize yourself with the Twitter Analytics dashboard to know important metrics such as engagement, impressions and reach to help you measure your ROI.

Integrate Twitter into your marketing strategy

To succeed in marketing your business, you need to integrate various forms of marketing strategy. One strategy you need to think of is Twitter.

When properly integrated and aligned with your content marketing strategy, it’s one of the best components of your marketing strategy.

Instead of using it as a form of promoting your content, create content specifically for Twitter. Give your clients something new and exciting.

Something different from what they know about your Instagram page of Facebook. Avoid cross-posting and give your followers personalized experiences.

Posting the same content isn’t going to help.

Identify your audience

You might be wondering if 140 characters can help you to speak to your audience let alone identify them. It’s better to know that yes, you can.

Identifying your target audience does not include creating a blog. You can use Twitter to identify your target audience and learn more about them. This is the key to success in every business. It should be your key marketing strategy.

Ask yourself, what times of the day are my audience more active? How are they using Twitter? What types of service, products, and content do they enjoy?

Once you find the answers to these questions, you are on your way to identifying your target audience and seceding in using Twitter as a marketing strategy component.

Build a killer profile

Why do you need a killer cover letter? To better your chances of getting a good job. The same applies when using Twitter as a marketing strategy component.

A killer profile works as a cover letter. Building an awesome Twitter profile should be your first task. The profile should reflect your brand and inspire people to follow you. Drop the default pictures for a more humanized profile to humanize your brand.

Write a compelling bio and write what your target audience wants to know. Who you are and what you can offer should be included in the bio. Because the profile bio on twitter has a limit of 160 characters, it means you use words that tells everything about your brands and what makes it unique.

Get tweeting

Have you succeeded in doing the above, what is hindering you from tweeting? The above tips will help you create unique content for Twitter.

Knowing your target audience, what to tweet and how to do it is the best you can succeed in using Twitter as an essential marketing strategy component.

For example, if your goal is to thrive on driving traffic and sales to your online business, you can tweet about your new products and include a link that directs readers to your website and to the specific product.

If your goal is building relationships with your audience, tweet questions that spark conversation. Reply and retweet followers when they retweet.

You can make your tweets more interesting and engaging by using multimedia such as GIFs, images, videos, and infographics. Take advantage of short, high-quality videos and include them on your twitter.

You can a successfully use twitter as a component of your marketing strategy by following these simple steps.

  • Start with a solid plan
  • Establish your goals and KPIs, integrate Twitter into your content marketing strategy
  • Identify your audience
  • Get tweeting
  • Build a killer profile and your arsenal

Once you start don’t slow down or stop. Twitter is not as large as Facebook and LinkedIn or Instagram, but it is surely has a massive potential when it comes to content marketing.

Just remember, to track your performance for better performance. If you plan it right and align your Twitter account and tweets with your brand, you have no problem in using Twitter as an essential component of a content marketing strategy.



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