Content Strategy on Social Media: How to be successful on Facebook with relevant content

Social media users have skyrocketed in the recent past and Facebook being one of the leading platforms, it makes it mandatory for a business to have its own Facebook page.

Social media marketing is the real deal today.

However, it is not enough to have a business page on Facebook, but you have to put it into use. You have to know what to post and make sure the content you are posting is relevant to everyone.

Facebook has a vast audience, and the right content on Facebook can be able to take advantage of the audience and turn them into clients.

Running a Facebook campaign is not easy, but it is a great idea to bring your company into the consideration of the target audience.

Having good quality products that fulfill the specific needs of the client is the start but what else must you have to achieve high engagement with your audience on Facebook:

Visually attractive content

On Facebook, visually attractive content will capture the attention of a potential customer within 3 seconds just before they scroll past your post. Facebook algorithms favor visual content over textual content. Add appealing images to your Facebook post and share more videos that are attention grabbing.

These pictures and videos should be about your product and services, and they should show how amazing, different and unique your product is.

Make sure the video gives the viewer direct answers about the products and services and without boring them.

Facebook videos shouldn’t be so long. Otherwise, you risk boring your audience and having them scroll past your post.

Post relevant content

The only way you are going to attract a lot of readers on Facebook is by posting relevant content. Anything you post on Facebook should be engaging enough to the readers to give them time to think about your products and services as they read your post.

Understand your target audience on Facebook and make sure you know the kind of content that is relevant and engaging to them.

  • Surprise your readers by giving them something stunning on your post. It would be best if this is connected to your products and services. If your readers are assured of getting surprised and learning something new anytime they read your posts; you will have more readers than you anticipated.
  • Make sure your posts are personal such that the readers can identify themselves with it. People are selfish, and they care about themselves and their emotions, and if you can find content that will hit this point, your readers are more likely to read and share your content.
  • Use negative verbs on your posts (don’t, can’t, and stop). People want to know more about what they are not supposed to do to avoid possible as opposed to what they are expected to do. Take advantage of this and also use humor. A humorous post will definitely have more likes and shares as compared to a dry post.

Use Keywords and Hashtags

Using keywords and hashtags will help your post stand out in a better and different way. Keywords will help optimize your content while adding hashtags makes your publication easier to find by your audience.

Facebook is an effective marketing and sales channel. But in order to reap the full benefits from it, you must have an engaged audience with a well-managed fan page. A winning Facebook sales strategy must have hashtags and keywords. This makes it easier for the fans or your audience to find your content and identify it with your business easily. When a person shares your post on Facebook, the hashtags will make it easier to identify you with the content, and it also helps you track your content on social media.

Keep your posts simple

Don’t post something that is long, complicated and overflowing with texts. People are on social media to interact with others and find the fun in it. They are not here to waste time reading your long and complicated posts.

Keep it simple and relevant.

Have pictures that are straightforward and hashtags too.

Simple is very powerful on social media in general.

Use links and clear call to action

Your content however short, straightforward and relevant it is must have a clear call to action. It directs the audience to what they should do next after relating with the post and finding it relevant. Links should lead to your blog or website for detailed information now about your product.

Clear and relevant content on Facebook zeroes in on your customer’s needs and interests.

Your content should tackle what your clients care about, what will help them in their daily lives, what will make their lives a bit easy and more successful?

If your content on Facebook can address this, then you have the right content strategy on Facebook and social media in general.

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“Use negative verbs”. It’s a new one for me, thanks for the tips!