All you need to know about email marketing

Email marketing is the procedure through which a commercial email is sent to a group of people. This means that emails sent to customers or possible customers are used for products or services marketing purposes.

The basic purpose of email marketing is brand awareness, to solicit sales, and to seek donations for business recommendations.

Below are some popular ways of email marketing.

  1. Direct Email

These kinds of emails are intended for communication through a promotional message. An example of this messages includes; information on a special offer, information on a new product or service, or making an announcement for a catalog of products or services. Here, the company gathers email addresses of their various customers.

  1. Transaction email

This form of email marketing is derived from the email responses of customers to the company. In short, these emails are sent to clients only after they have agreed for the company to send them such emails. These include emails such as order confirmation emails, reorder emails, purchase emails, and basket messages. The purpose of this category of emails is to react to a customer’s query, suggestion, or action.

Email marketing is beneficial to all forms of businesses old and new alike.

Here are the major benefits that your company can realize through effective email marketing.

It is fast and cost effective

Unlike other forms of marketing, email marketing only requires you to sit down and come up with a nice piece that will impress your customers and potential customers. Unlike the traditional mails, emails require no designing, printing, packaging and posting. This means that your overhead costs are marginally reduced.


Whether you are in the fashion, automotive, education or any other industry, you can be able to readily use email marketing to reach more potential clients for your business. Email marketing gives you the ability to communicate with people all over the world at whatever time you want.

It is an easy way of tracking your return on investment

Email marketing boasts of being the second best among the most effective means of internet professional marketing, after search marketing. Through email marketing, you can be able to tell how many of your customers are loyal and regular, and how many potential customers convert to customers after a given period.

Emails are popular in the modern world. As a matter of fact, a majority of people own at least one email address. This makes it easy for them to read your emails and respond as necessary. This makes email marketing one of the most effective means of marketing.

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