6 Ways to Build Trust through Authentic Content

There is nothing more frustrating than when a brand focuses more on their needs than those of their customers. Gaining your audience’s trust can lead to organic rewards. Although your audience will click on an interesting headline on your website, they are most likely to stop reading and even taking action once they realize the article itself fails to deliver the information the title promises.

In the world of limitless options, consumers now more than ever want to be assured that they are paying for what their money worth. That’s basically why websites like Yelp are popular. They give their audience the best choice possible.

These are six tips to gain audience trust through authentic content.

Have an accurate and enticing headline

Creating a misleading headline is frustrating to the person who gets to read the content. If you want to build trust among your audiences, you need to create a promising, enticing, but accurate headlines. A great headline it spans the reader’s attention, but after clicking and noticing the article is irrelevant to the title, no matter how powerful the headline is and how many powerful words you use, your audience will probably opt out and won’t trust you again. So the build the trust between you and your consumers, start with creating an enticing, truthful and accurate headline.

Don’t mislead your followers as it will be hard for you to grab their attention back.

Create free content as opposed to the gated ones

Nowadays, many brands have realized the power of storytelling and press releases. These things help in boosting brand presence and identity while preparing to write a press release of a story about your company, product or service, first gain the trust of your audience by building high standard quality content.

Most subscription-based websites like the New York Times have built trust with their audience for years. After they succeeded then they decided to become subscription based. To build trust with your audiences, start by creating free content before advancing, only after you have successfully built the trust then you create a subscription-based content.

Interview other executives and experts in your industry

Interviewing someone influential is the best way to earn trust for your brand. For example, a press release with a quote or an interview with an influential figure in the industry will probably be published by journalist and liked by the audience. Moreover, sharing the opinion of other people, especially the already-established experts can increase trust between you and your clients.

Find a personality that people adore and the one that relates to your niche. Use intriguing and thought-provoking questions related to the industry for the interview. Remember, you are not the only trusted source your audience listens to in the industry, they listen to other too.

Get something valuable to your audience using other influential experts in your brands leads to trust from your audience.

Share your challenges and success stories

There is nothing that creates friendship, builds a relationship and trust than transparency. Brands can take advantage of transparency by sharing credible information about their companies.

Talk about your journey, the challenges you have gone through as well as the success. If you raised funds at some point don’t shy away from sharing it. Write about your follower on social media and thank them. Being transparent does not mean you right everything, even those that don’t matter to your audience, take the extra step to learn and understand your audience before writing about your challenges and secure, you don’t want to come out as bragging.

Share engaging and diversifies content

Always have integrity on the type of content you share with your audience. The content you share is a reflection of your brand. The content you share with your audience should align with your brand standards. To gain trust with your audience you need to be consistent in the quality of content you share, make it engaging and diversified. A well-developed press release can drive your company to greater heights.

Build an emotional connection

A company can’t fake authenticity and genuineness.

Nowadays, consumers are smart. They expect a lot from the brand they support. Consumers don’t only demand great products or services, but they want to build a much deeper emotional connection with the brand. An emotional connection is based on a meaningful and relevant content.

Rather than just coming up with contents, come up with content that captures your clients emotionally, it helps in building the much-needed trust.

Today, we know that there are thousands of content being built and posted daily. To stand distinctly out from the crowd and built trust with your audience, you need to be smart, focused, intelligent and transparent. Building trust with your audience is the main weapon to outsmart your competition.

Show your clients that they can trust you and do so using authentic contents.


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