5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

If your marketing strategies never change, your sales are likely to drop drastically.

Also, you are likely to lose your customers to your competitors who might be having advanced marketing strategies. Though your primary marketing strategies might be working for you, there are other approaches that you can employ in your business to improve its efficiency.

Read on to find out how.

Learn from your competitors

Find out what your contestants are doing to increase their sales. If your firm is still using cold calling methods, it is high time you learn from other players in the game. Fortunately, their approaches might work for you as well since all of you are trying to attract the same customers.

For instance, if you realize your competitors often run ads on twitter you can consider doing the same. The regular run for these ads might indicate that they are making good returns out of it. Therefore, investing in the same technique might grant you success as well.

Get testimonials

Before buying any product, many people try to look for reviews that certainly validate their purchase. Everyone will try to ensure that they are spending money on the best product or service in the market. This means that they will do the same to your products.

You can attract more customers to your business by getting reviews from customers who have purchased from you. After getting these reviews, you can position them in the most appropriate places so that your potential customers can access them.

For instance, you can post them on your Facebook wall. Additionally, you can create dedicated testimonials pages such as twitter handles where your customers can leave their reviews after purchasing from you. Either way, customer’s reviews are critical approaches to improving your marketing strategies.


Updates on social Media

Social media marketing is an important marketing strategy for any business. However, just creating an account on any social media platform is not enough.

First always ensure that any information on your account is up to date and also very accurate. This means that if a certain change occurs in your business, then you should ensure that you update your customers in real time.

Secondly, ensure that you always post new and relevant content on your page. This will keep your customers updated and also attached to your business.

Regularly updating your customers will keep you ahead of your competitors too.

Focus on top customers

Slightly rely on the 80/20 rule. In business, it is assumed that 80% of your customers will bring in 20% of the sales, while the remaining 20% will bring in 80% of the total sales.

Therefore, focusing on the lucrative 20% will probably result in increased sales. Instead of spending much time trying to please every customer, just focus on your top customers and establish a lasting relationship with them.

You can do this by periodically sending them newsletter to keep them updated on your latest goods and services.

Additionally, you can email them and thank them for partnering with you. However, this does not mean that you should neglect the remaining 80%. Always ensure that you keep them happy too.

Be consistent and persistent

Always put sustained and solid efforts into your techniques. If you don’t immediately see positive responses from you customers don’t simply give up.

Bear in mind that it takes time and efforts to build up a good result, so keep on trying time and again.

Secondly, if you are seeking to come up with a social media advertising platform, consider maintaining consistency in posting quality content and most importantly, interact with your customers on a regular basis.

Maintaining a persistent relationship will result in trustworthy and credibility from your customers. This means that your sales volume is likely to increase as well as the profit gained.

Another way of maintaining consistent and persistent relationship with your customers is by holding hospitality events.

Apart from maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers, these events will also aid you in increasing your sale.

Although it would be better if the strategies you try out would work for you flawlessly, this is not always the case. Trial and error remain to be the greatest part of success in any business.

Note, keeping a proper evaluation of the strategies you are using will also help you to improve your marketing strategies. For instance, if you are using a Facebook platform to reach out your customers but it does not seem to be convenient, it is advisable to try out an alternative approach like twitter. This means that if any marketing strategy that you are using is not worth your investment, you should consider replacing it with the most appropriate one.

However, it is vital to note that marketing strategies vary from one business to another. This means that if you choose the most applicable approach to your business, it is likely to succeed without much hustle.

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