5 Easy Ways to Make Your Content Shareable For the Social Media

Make Your Content Shareable For the Social Media

The advent of the social media has ushered in an invaluable avenue within which the corporate world can showcase their content without laboring much. The beauty of using the social media isn’t just about the vast number of faithful who use it on a daily basis, but also the ease of garnering more followers without breaking the bank.

And with content marketing being an integral part of every business, how can you ensure that your content is shared widely on social media?

Writing and publishing content, creating YouTube and Facebook video and tweeting whatever your company is embarking on is what the buzz is all about. But unless your written and video content goes viral, the chances of reaching the right audience will always remain a novelty. You ought to be smart, relevant and relentless to outsmart your peers.

However, to get your content shared on social media, you must ensure that:

  1. You Use Images

Did you know that according to seo-hacker;

  • Posts that include pictures on Facebook receive an average of 104% more Likes and Comments?
  • And, 84% more click through rate?
  • While Tweets with images receive up to 89% more Favorites?
  • And, 150% more Retweets?

When it comes to social media, Facebook and Twitter lead the pack, and each user of these sites love images. In fact, statistics show that a post with a picture gathers 2.3 more engagements compared with a post without. Don’t debate this, find the right content and use a matching photo to drive the point home.

If you are a bit smart, much like any advanced digital marketer, use a tool that makes your standalone image content. For an even greater engagement, use images that spur humor while highlighting what your business is about.

An image speaks a thousand words; imagine using a simple photo that makes sense according to your audience? It will be shared severally and repeatedly, as it is the case nowadays.

  1. Add Social Sharing Buttons

This one is pervasive in a Blogger’s world and highly imperative. If you haven’t done so already, just code it yourself or find a perfect plug-in and ensure that the various social media signs are visible on each page of your site.

Placing them at the top of the page can be a demerit because people do share whatever you did naturally after reading them. You may need to put them on the bottom side, which is subject to the way your Blog’s interface appears. Again, there’s no harm having them on one of the either sides of the page.

  1. Create Content That Is Worth Sharing

If you aren’t creating content that is useful, interesting and resonates with your audience, then don’t bother expecting someone to share them.

No one likes trash; what is half-refined and devoid of any useful meaning, right?

As you engage in your content marketing campaigns, those people whom your content reaches will expect to get something out of it. To trigger what you need, ensure that each of the following four elements is observed.

  • In-depth and detailed with that “irresistible” touch
  • Write for a purpose – be a solution to your audience; be extraordinary
  • Ensure that the lingo used is easy to decipher – content that is straight to the point is easily shared
  • Be factual and if possible, offer a list of references from credible sources
  1. Leverage the power behind the contemporary Digital Marketing Tools

Although it may cost you using the tools, any savvy marketer looking to expand their customer base will see no harm taking the plunge. Trusted ones like Blogpros works like a charm and your content is shared naturally. You may like using tools and premium services because they stick to their word.

Countless content marketing tools can help you have your content shared across the various social media niches, but you must be smart when choosing them. Those that use fake social media accounts, very much like those that cost a fortune as well as those that do not reach your ideal market, are a waste of time.

  1. Use Mysterious Headlines

As a blogger with a Facebook page and massive followers in your official Twitter handle, be cryptic and culture a sense of intrigue on the title of your posts. Your audience will need to know what your article is all about and end up on your site. Just to keep the fun going, most of them will share your content.

The key to being mysterious lies on being bold, controversial, witty, and ingenious and a great timer. While the public is still dancing to a trending post, create your video version and take advantage of the prevailing wave.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing bizarre about asking your associates to share your content. You can reach out to those who subscribe to your page to keep sharing. A Call to Action works well in compelling the reader to pass the news. When all’s said and done, do not expect massive shares in a day because, much like in the entire marketing, patience is gold. However, stick to creating useful posts that suit your brand and sharing will occur. Just be relentless.

If you are having problems creating content that can be shared, hire professional content writing services to take care of the problem.

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