10 Types Of Blog Posts That Will Boost Your Sales

People in the business world are learning about the benefits of a blog post in advertising their brands. However, do all blogs work? What do you think? To be able to share a blog with your audience, you have to sit down, write a high-quality blog, attach shareable images, do an outreach marketing process and go to the extent of breaking your blog into digestible paragraphs. However, after all the process, does it still work? Do your blogs deliver traffic, leads and shares you expect it to? If not, the reason is that your target audience does not like what you are publishing. The solution to this problem is coming up with content that they like;- having blog posts that will boost your sales.

Types Of Blog Posts That Will Boost Your Sales

Publish how-to blogs

Publishing a content that provides a step to step guide that help reader understands a particular process in the best way to start. However, these blogs should be based around easy to use, clear instructions. Don’t forget to include video, infographics, and images that illustrate each step.

Publish the list blog posts

List-post makes one of the best posts. The list post is excellent sales tools. They attract audience attention, show your expertise, super informative, immensely actionable and easy to read and scan for takeaways.

Write data-driven, research-backed posts

Data-driven, research-backed blog post established your authority and grows your traffic. Start by finding a helpful idea, determine how you gather your data, show the importance of the data, add relevant charts, images and graphs to prove your point, and don’t forget to add your viewpoint to the research points you have.

Don’t share all information

Sometimes, your visitors want more information. Giving out that information at once can be tiring and boring at the same time. Instead of sharing all the information at once, hold back some information and keep you audience yearning for more. This depends on your industry, the more complicated it is, the less the rules.

Wisely choose your topics

The goal of every blog post is to encourage your audience to read them and get more information. Choose the topics that your audience is interested in and questions that your audience would like answered and don’t forget to address their queries.

Publish cheat sheet

Similar to How-tos, cheat sheet posts provide visitors with the information they need to complete a set of actions. However, the difference between the two is that Cheat sheet is more of a quick reference, step-by-step guide. To succeed with this type of post, create ones that act as a quick reference and don’t forget to include a visual appeal.

Comparison post

Comparison post places your products and services against your competitors. The competition post allows you to explore how brand matches up to your competitors. Although you might wonder about the law surrounding the legality of doing so, as long as it is truthful, it’s fine. The comparison post highlights the prices of your products and services, how much better your brand is and other aspects of your business.

Include a guest post

There are many benefits of including guest posts on your website. Guest posts offer clients a diversity of voices on the blog, drive new audiences, build relationships with other bloggers and alleviate the pressure of getting the information to your audience by yourself. Inviting another blogger to write a guest post contributes to your blog.

The case study

Case studies demonstrate the potential of your brand. It also includes the effectiveness of your product and services. A case study is an important tool since you get to use real-world examples to show your audience how you will accomplish your goals. This popular sales tool also helps customers achieve their goals and get more information about your goals.

Share your success

To turn traffic into clients, you need to share your success with them. People are sharing posts that include their success and they are enjoying the benefits. Success-sharing posts are like case studies. They are in the form of a  story which your audience can relate to and a step-to-step guide that helps them solve their problems. Make sure the post you publish is something that your audience can relate to.

There is much that other blog post that can interest your audience and help to improve the traffic flow to your website. Consider the wake-up call, unique finding post an expert roundup post as a way of giving your audience more information and turning them into clients. Sometimes what you need is a post formed entirely on quotes from experts.

The most important aspect of your post is to provide you with the opportunity to access new, engaged audiences. The above posts will not only engage your audience by giving you the opportunity to attract potential clients but also increase your traffic flow. Go ahead and try them.


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