All You Need To Know About Whiteboard Animation

In this time and age, just having a video and presentation about your company, services, and products doesn’t add much to your business. If you have been able to browse the internet, you already have firsthand experience on how everything is changing rapidly even the way people present information nowadays. You have likely come across whiteboard animations and even most likely loved them. The whiteboard animation is a short video that features a person hang sketching out drawings and animations sometimes with music playing in the background and narrations. But what more do you need to know about whiteboard animation?

What is whiteboard animation?   

Whiteboard animation is a kind of video explainers similar to motion graphics, 2-D animation, 3-D animation and other styles of videos. The animation is a kind of animated storytelling firm wherein the story is created, conceptualized and displayed in front of the viewers. The whiteboard video includes graphics, illustrations know as video scribes, characters, and doodling. The end result is something unique and enthralling.

How are whiteboard animations used?

The whiteboard animation videos are effective forms of branding, customer education, and marketing. There are three key areas you can use whiteboard animations, especially for business purposes.

They include:


Whiteboard animation for marketing works on a 24-hour basis. This means you are not limited to the sales activities you conduct per day. Once you finish your whiteboard animation, they are posted on a social page or your official website page and stays there until you decide to take them down. These video come in handy, especially for your landing pages since they have a higher conversion rate.


According to studies, almost 92% of shoppers say the most influential factor that affects how they purchase goods and services are the visuals. Whiteboard animation is a great tool when it comes to visuals and branding. Whiteboard animation is short, and memorable which means they get people to remember you and influence their purchasing decisions.

Customer education

When it comes to educating your customers, there is no better way of doing so than using a video. Whiteboard animations help when you want to educate your customers about your products or services. It’s a tool that let your customer know exactly how to use your services and products including the complex ones. This form of education exceeds other forms. They lead to viewer retention with their charts and live video creation.

Why do whiteboard animations work?

Whiteboard animation is a fun, exciting and innovative method of advertising and marketing your brand. They are also very economical when compared to other types of advertisements. Some of the reasons why whiteboard animations work best for many people include:

Placed anywhere

Whiteboard videos are added to your homepage, social media or another page. They are created for a particular page on your website, allowing greater flexibility and visibility for marketing and other use.

They have powerful messages

When you get a perfect talent for your whiteboard video, they can make them fit the kind of message you want them to portray. The videos will tell the viewer about your product or service, how it benefits them, how it fits into their lives and how to use them. It also includes details on how and why you can’t live without your service or product.

Provide fun and entertainment

Whiteboard videos are entertaining, the funny scripts, graphics, and quirky music work together to give consumers an entertaining experience. This adds a level of engagement with your customers.

Emotional appeals

One thing that whiteboard animations do best is grabbing the attention of your viewers. They grab viewers’ attention, making it easier to relate to them. You can use them for emotional appeal and draw in your customers. The tactic has been used by large and small entities.

Highly targeted

Whiteboard videos give you the ability to speak directly to your customer. You can tailor your script to your targeted group of customer who has a better chance of converting into buyers. They relate and get your customers more engaged.

How can you make your whiteboard animations better?

There are many different ways of making whiteboard videos, but the reason for creating whiteboard video is for your users to love them, remember and even share them. Since the aim of your whiteboard video should be simple and engaging, try following these steps:

  • Know your target customers
  • Stick to a particular topic
  • Keep it short and precise
  • Talk it out in a continues narrative
  • Animate your characters

Whiteboard animations are the most effective method of marketing, branding and advertising your company, product or services. They help you reach a greater audience and even going to the extent of engaging them. They are different from other forms of animated videos meaning the script keeps your audience engaged. If you haven’t tried it out, it’s time to reach a whole new audience and convert them to buyers using whiteboard animations.

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