What Are Infographics And Why Do We Need Them?

An infographic is a visual representation of information, data and facts in the form of charts or diagrams. The main purpose of infographics is to help users understand information passed easily and quickly.  Written words alone are not always clear, thus an infographic can be of great help to your readers.

They can summarize information in just a few words and chart flows. Even though infographics are good over colored visual elements can be very distracting and might make the reader to miss the whole point.

Why do we need inforgraphics?

  1. Eye catching to the audience

Humans are visual creatures. They are easily attracted to visual elements. Half of the brain is visual and 90% of the information consumed and transmitted to the brain is visual. If words fail to capture the reader’s attention and imagination ,visual elements like infographics can do a better job. Over 80% of the audiences targeted read more infographic than written text.

  1. Easy to understand and remember

There is a big difference between how the brain processes images and text. A human brain tends to remember more visual images than written information. With the increased content flow on the internet many people prefer easy to understand infographics that saves them time. Even though they are easy to understand the information passed needs words to explain it better hence increasing their understanding even more.

  1. Persuasive

Different presentations are done every day. Some of them include a class presentations and business project proposal. If you want to persuade your audience that your data works you can use infographics. 50% of your audience may be persuaded by verbal presentation, but over 67% will be persuaded by both visual elements and verbal presentation. Infographics tend to show the intensity of a thought or data which can easily be convincing.

  1. Increase your subscribers

Look at your social media platforms that use images to communicate, such as Facebook, pinrest and instagram. How many people pass by them like and even comment? The same case happens with inforgraphics when they get shared. They lead to interactions from the targeted audience. This will intern increase your viewer base.

  1. Increase your search marketing tools

Infographics are not only designed with your information and social links they also offer back links to you. Most websites use infographic links to create more audience to them. You can also boost your audience by using highly targeted keywords as part of the titles, descriptions and Meta information for your visual elements. At the end of the day all infogarphic clicks and views are shown thus you can keep a record of how many people like and read your content.

  1. Make you an expert

When you present content using inforgraphics such as tables, charts and graphs it makes the content creator look smart. It shows that you have done more research to be able to explain the information in both words and visual elements. This increases your online credibility and reputation to the audience.



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