Top Five Freelance Mistakes to Avoid

Freelancing is a great career. However, it is not everybody who can become a writer.

As the days go by, the freelance career is experiencing cut throat competition as more and more people become expert writers. For this reason, if you want to become a successful writer then you need to avoid careless mistakes that can see you pack up and leave the trade.

The following are the major freelance mistakes that you should avoid.

Unprofessional attitude

Professionalism and the general attitude of a person is what employers look out for when hiring you. For this reason, you must ensure you look and sound professional when communicating with your clients whether via email, phone, or Skype.

Be straight to the point, clear and polite. Answer your client’s questions promptly without an attitude. Mention your rates and turnaround time for the work given.

Lack of Contracts

Some freelancers settle down to work with no written and signed contracts with the employer. This leads to a lot of scamming which frustrates the efforts of a freelance due to wasted time and money.

Always ensure you discuss important things such as terms of payment, deliveries, deadlines, increments, days and hours of work before accepting the offer.

Before rushing to get a project, ensure you sit down and formulate a contract that will catch the attention of your client.

Missing deadlines

In freelancing, you are your own boss. Therefore, you need to be disciplined and ensure you keep you word. If you promise a client that you will deliver a certain project in 5 working days, and then ensure you do exactly that.

Delivering the work ten days later will be a breach of your contract and could lead to termination of that contract with immediate effect.

Low quality content

A serious freelancer should be able to meet client’s demands 100%. You should be able to produce well written, crisp, clear and to the point work that is also 100% unique.

However, most freelancers barely follow the instructions given by the employer. This leads to delivery of poor quality and plagiarized work.

Accepting projects you cannot handle

This is a common mistake with most newbies in the freelancing business.

Most make the mistake of accepting complicated jobs such as magazine articles, whitepapers and the like, while they can hardly write a good SEO optimized general article.

By learning the above most common failures in the freelancing business, you will able to become a successful quality writer or you will be able to polish your already existing freelancing skills.


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