Tips That Will Help You Promote and Market Your Small Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is most of the times associated with sole-entrepreneurs and social selling executives, but what about small business, can they use LinkedIn as a marketing hub for their products and services and reach their goals?

Mostly small brands prefer using other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to grow their revenue assuming LinkedIn.

A recent journal on the Wall Street Journal study indicates that at least 41% of small businesses LinkedIn as they feel that it is the most potential platform to generate business. 59% prefer using other platform saying LinkedIn is mostly for the developed business.

But is that true?
Small busing goals and LinkedIn
LinkedIn small business goals are the only things that will make small businesses to understand the opportunity LinkedIn offers.

Some of the small business goals that LinkedIn offer include:
• Leverage your employee base to expand the reach of your story
• Expand the relationship with contacts
• Use content to build your credibility.

In today’s business world, your LinkedIn profile is comparable to your business card. Your content is your new marketing and networking tools.

Just as other social media platform, LinkedIn offers its members a social contract along with other use cases. With these benefits, the platform is becoming more of a publishing and editorial platform.

When used correctly, it can be the strong foundation for your small business. A foundation where you can an evangelizing workforce and credibility with content.

Here are some tips on how to use LinkedIn for your small business.

Create your company page

People need to learn and understand your business.

You can’t use your personal LinkedIn page as your company LinkedIn page.

With more than 3 million company pages on LinkedIn, you need to create a winning page or risk being left behind. You need to come up with a company LinkedIn page that amplifies your brand customers, distributors, association member, and many others.

You should also highlight your products and services to build credibility.

With a healthy profile, your company LinkedIn page is halfway complete.

Run your company LinkedIn page as an SEO campaign and a PPC campaign
Your small business should always include a search engine optimization (SEO) component. SEO component will ensure that you are there when people Google you.

A bigger percentage of LinkedIn searches start with a search engine, so if you run your LinkedIn company page as a PPC campaign, you get to increase your company’s visibility.

Include keywords on almost every aspect of your profile and page.

Keywords should be in the headline, job descriptions, summary, endorsements, and anchored text and even on the profile.

Participate in local LinkedIn groups
Recently, LinkedIn reported that average LinkedIn users join groups. These groups are mostly for local organization and friends. Your target customers are most likely in the groups.

So your competitors, customers, and influencers might be using the LinkedIn groups to engage with each other.

Why don’t you consider joining the groups, especially the local groups on LinkedIn?

Customers use these groups to network, research and vet buying decisions. You can join as many groups as you like, but be smart enough by joining the most potential LinkedIn groups as a way of accessing customers.

Make sure you also participate in non-promotional way with other distributors, business owners, and the press.

Begin a blog
The internet today is filled with articles stating how blogging can drive traffic to your website, promoting your business and increasing revenue. Blogging is a new marketing tool that businesses are embracing.

Blogging on LinkedIn is not different from blogging on other sites. It’s a way of passing your message and reaching out to potential customers. However, you need to make sure you create interesting contents.

Secure endorsements
Positive endorsements influence purchase decisions.

LinkedIn endorsements are Like Amazon and Yelp. You can use these endorsements for your small business, you and your employees to build your reputation and that of your business.

Use video, interviews, infographics, slide ET
LinkedIn has the ability to share work examples, POV, research and thought leadership to influence relationships and purchase.

Take advance of this feature to showcase your work using slides, videos, white paper animation, infographics, and interviews. You can use a Slide share to connect with other distributors.

Send updates
LinkedIn is a social media platform that you can use to develop your positions.

Start by sending at least 5 updates daily to increase your exposures and for connections. The connections and exposure guest up to 2nd and 3rd level connections.
If you are a small business using Facebook or Twitter to market and promote your business, why don’t you consider incorporating LinkedIn in your list?

If you embrace LinkedIn, it will have a positive impact on your business. Make sure you follow the tips above for even better results and success.

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