Tips on How to Earn Money from Your Blog

Now that the New Year has begun, it’s time to think about new ways to make money. One of them is blogging. So you start a website and start blogging, however you are not quite sure how to actually turn your blog into cash, or you might be afraid of exploring the many ways to monetize your blogs. No matter what you think, starting a blog a best and easiest way of making money. Whether you will be doing it as a hobby or for business purposes, blogging offers you the best opportunity of making money online. How can you earn money from your blog?

Here are some simple ways of turning your blogs into cash.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is among the most popular Ad networks around. Some people create self-hosted blogs for the sole purpose of Google ads. AdSense is compatible with self-hosted WordPress blogs and also free Blogger blogs another for the free Word press blog you need to customize your domain. There are two ways you can earn from using Google AdSense. You can earn based on clicks, regardless of page views and based on impressions which depend on page views.

Sell private ads

When it comes to monetizing your blogs, selling ads is an option you need to consider. If you have enough traffic, advertisers will request that you place their ads on your website for a fee or you can contact them yourself. Selling ads comes the advantage of setting the rates you since you don’t need middlemen. You can display advertiser’s banners, links or buttons that direct traffic to their site. Selling ad also includes writing a review of product and services for the advertisers and earn extra cash.

Affiliate links and marketing

Another great tool that helps you monetize your blogs is including affiliate links to your content. It is the most popular method of monetizing your blogs. Leverage the power of affiliate marketing by selling other links to website, products, and services and earn a commission. For instance, if your blog is about health, you can easily sell weight loss supplements to make extra cash.


There are many ways of advertising that can help you monetize your blogs. The most common ones are CPC/PPC Ads and the CPM Ads. The CPC or PPC (Pay per Click) ads help you earn once someone clicks an ad on your site. CPM, on the other hand, pays you a fixed amount based on the number of people who viewed your ad. Sites with this kind of payments include Chitika, Clicksor, Google AdSense and BidVertiser among others.

Email marketing

Email marketing is another way of monetizing your blogs. However, you need to have a list of emails to be successful. There are popular email marketing platforms such as Convertkit, lnfusionSoft, and Aweber that offer a necessary system for you to begin marketing via email. Build a strong connection with your reader, and use them to effectively generate good cash through selling products and services along with ads and affiliate offers through email.

Sell eBooks

Another relatively quick method of making money online is selling eBooks. If your blogs are about fitness, develop eBooks about ways to lose weight, what to eat to maintain your weight and other topics and sell them to your readers. For the eBook to sell, it needs to be aligned with your blog. Creating a non-fiction eBook is simple. Write eBook a skill that most people struggle with and reap the benefits.

Sell memberships

Selling memberships work mostly for people with right about career blogs. You can use your blogs to help your readers gain access to job boards or forums. To be successful, you need to offer exclusive membership for something your reader can’t find somewhere else. Be sure to develop something valuable and worth the price you are asking for.

Sell digital products

Digital products include online courses/workshops, coaching services, apps, themes and plugins, and also videos, images, whiteboard animations and other things. Just remember, if you are choosing this avenue, make it useful and relevant you readers. Avoid assuming what they want, listen to them first before selling them any digital product.

Host a webinar

A webinar is a live workshop online. It’s a place where people go to listen to talks about your specialist subject. You can monetize your webinar by charging individuals for a virtual seat if they want to view your presentation. They pay to watch your presentation online as they interact during the process.

There are other ways of monetizing your blog and earn money from your blog. You can use paid directory listings, surveys and polls donations or even auction your website. The advantage of monetizing your blogs is that you get to make money 24/7 and still have the time for your friends, family and to do other things. So what is your take? How many of the above methods will you use? You can use one, two, three, or even all of them on your website just remember to avoid cluttering your website. As time goes by, you will learn what works and what doesn’t, go on try some.


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