Reasons Why Your Website Could Not Be Converting

So after launching your website and opened a door to your online customers, are you enjoying increased traffic flow? However, with all the traffic flow, are you able to convert the traffic into customers? Most articles on the internet educate business how to attract and increase traffic flow and eventually their business. This is not a bad idea. This article focuses on a variety of reasons why your website could not be converting and what you need to do to change that.

No trust signals

One thing you need to know is that people will not automatically trust you by reading a few blogs on your website. Unless you are a big brand, they will scan your site to see if your site can be trusted. People will look for signs and other things that indicate how well your stuff is known, how you are willing to help or if you only want to steal from them, and disappear.

What to do, to turn your visitors into paying customer, make sure they feel comfortable enough to engage and buy your products and services. Give your visitor the sense of trust and faithfulness by solving credible problems, adding trust elements and your experience or reviews to diminish their concerns and fear.

Your blog is attracting the wrong audience

Your blog and website can be attracting massive traffic, but the content and promotion strategy may not suit them. It is a waste of time and resources on your blog attract meaningless traffic. If you notice you have a low conversion rate and a high bounce rate, it’s time to fix the problem. Check your current blog and match them with your target audience. Change your promotional strategy to fit your target audience.

Difficult to visualize products

If you are writing a blog about a product, it needs to be simple and easy to understand and visualize products. Complex products are too hard to understand and when matched with the complex blog, it’s hard for your readers. Once they don’t understand your product, your blog conversion rate will remain low. To solve the issue, try and write blogs with step-to-step guidelines on how to use the product. It makes it easy to visualize and will encourage your audience to buy your product so that they can try out themselves.

No Call to action

A call to action is one thing that must be included in your blog. Sites and blog traffic will always want to know what you have to tell them, but once they finish, they need to be shown the direction to take. They need to know what to do next. If they land on the landing page and start looking for instruction on what to do, the possibility of them leaving is high. So make sure you include a call to action somewhere on the blog. Be specific and make sure it is in a place where they can miss it.

SEO reasons and Keyword disconnect

For your website to appear on the top page of ranking sites, it should be optimized to perfection. Here is the thing, SEO reasons, and keyword disconnect lower your chances of turning your visitors into customers. The conversion process is complex. Chance is people visiting a search website will always use a keyword to access the information they want. When there is a disconnect, your visitor won’t discover your content and if it’s SEO reasons why will probably not find your page at all.

Unclear, clutter navigation

Another reason why your blog is not converting is when it has unclear, cluttered information and navigation, for your audience to understand your blog, it needs to divide into small sections that are clear and easy to navigate through. Remove all the clutter from your blogs and your website.

Poor landing page

A landing page is for most obvious areas to check before posting your blogs. Your blog’s conversion rate depends on a well-designed landing page. An optimized landing page helps with your website and blogs performance and lead to conversion. Focus on the right content, and creating the right imagery.

Blog topics that are not connecting with your audience

We all know that content is the key to conversion rate. It is the king. This means that you need to spend quality time thinking about the topics that will connect with your target audience. If you, your content and blog topics aren’t connecting with your audience, then your percentage of turning them into customers is low.

Instead of focusing on increasing the traffic to your website, which is an excellent thing, you need to also think of ways to convert the traffic into paying customers. Converting traffic into paying customers is the most challenging thing that brands with websites have to deal with solving the above issues will increase your blogs conversation rate.


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