Reason Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

When setting up a website, the key to setting it up is the reach a wider customer base as possible in this digital age, there are more than two ways of reaching your customer base. Many people using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  However, there is one method that can help you access even a wider customer base; creating a mobile friendly website.

A mobile friendly website is the simplest of the most common method you can use to reach a wider audience. Most people now more than even have mobile devices they use to browse the internet. Smartphone, tablet, and iPods are on increase. This means optimizing your website to be mobile friendly is not only a trend but an option that offers you an opportunity to reach customers and your audience where they are.

So what are the reasons and benefits of having a mobile friendly website?

Reach a wider audience and increased traffic

Previously, businesses used to only create one version of their websites which is the desktop or laptop version. However, in the past recent years, things have changed. Many businesses have opted to optimize their website to include mobile versions. Instead of having different websites, one for the desktop and another for a mobile user, people are now creating a responsive website for both mobile and desktop users.

The main benefits if doing so this if the increase your traffic flow to your website. Many people love using mobile to access the internet as they can carry their devices everywhere as opposed to the desktop. Having one responsive website allows you to retain mobile viewers.

Low-cost website maintenance

A responsive website for mobile users and desktop is easy to maintain which means the cost of maintenance is not high. Creating a mobile-friendly website might be expensive to start with, but once all is in order, the cost of maintenance is relatively low. The kind of website also some extra time which you can use to focus on the crucial aspects of your business.

Helps in building credibility

Whether your business is a B2B or B2C business, nothing that attracts more clients than credibility. Customers and clients are the ones who influence your industry. Providing them with a mobile-friendly website will not only allow them to access your website, but also encourage them to use the credible products, services, and information you provide them.

Google gives priority to the mobile – friendly website

Another thing you need to know about how Google ranks a website is the fact that it gives priority to mobile-friendly websites. In 2015, Google revealed a Google algorithm change that displays mobile search results. A Website optimized for mobile are now ranked higher than those that don’t.

Offer seamless user experience

Having a mobile-optimized website provides users with a seamless experience. An Unresponsive website most of the time distorts your website appearance on devices like tablets and Smartphone. To curb this issue, optimizing your website to be a mobile-friendly website makes room for a better user experience in addition to a smooth and seamless site. To avoid scenarios where users leave your website for a better website with a seamless experience. It’s better to evaluate your website design, its quality and optimize it to be mobile friendly.

Adapts to various screen sizes

If there is anything that your users and website visitors need most is a website that adapts to different screen sizes. With this type of website, it only means you are ahead of your competition and you cater to newer devices that users use to browse the internet.

Improve SEO efforts

As we have seen, mobile friendly website improve ranking in search engines like Google. However, it does not only improve ranking, but also improves your SEO efforts. It brings about a good user experience, across a variety of platforms. You don’t need to find other methods of improving your SEO efforts as a responsive website caters for that.

Benefit your reputation

Another reason for having a mobile responsive website it the fact that it improves your reputation. Your website appears more relevant and modern addition to the user experience. Users get access to useful, unique and valuable information, products, and services, than having to search for a cyber to get the information they need. This improves your reputation and gives you faster and easier access to your audience.

Now more than ever, mobile devices such as Smartphone and tables are not only used for calls, but also for internet access. Optimizing your website to be mobile friendly gives you an added advantage over your competitors as you will be able to reach a wider audience, increased traffic and improve your credibility and reputation. It also lowers the cost of maintenance and helps you retain and convert potential visitors into customers. A mobile friendly websites offer individuals and companies more benefits that they can think of.


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