How to Use Pinterest to Market and Promote Your Business

As social media gains momentum, apparently, there is also another thing that is rapidly growing. Image-centric social networks such as Pinterest are gaining popularity and market share from all over the world due to their high engagement levels.

People from different walks of life love enticing photos. They use the image-centric social networks to promote their businesses.

One such network is Pinterest.

Pinterest has grown to become a social network to watch. On average, a person visits the sites which have made it rank third on the engagement ladder behind Facebook and Tumbler.

The social platform is above LinkedIn and Google Plus on the ladder.

Pinterest has a simple premise: people share photos online by pinning them on the network. To pin the photos, users have to download a toolbar that will allow them to pin items from any site to the network.

To successfully use Pinterest to promote your brand or business, these are some of the things you need to do:

Highlight services

Not all the business we see around engage in selling products, there are some that engage in selling services. Pinterest is a useful marketing tool for any kind of business as long as your highlights your services and products in a presentable manner.

If you provide services, create a visual resume with Pinterest.

For instance, if you engage in website designing, pin a screenshot of the site you recently designed the system.

If you are a graphic design, make sure you pin your sample work.

Those people selling products can also try doing this. Take an enticing photo of your product and pin it on Pinterest.

Share your products

After pinning your products and services, the purpose is to share them with your consumers or anyone it may concern. There are ways you can leverage the sharing strategy to benefit the most.

Since Pinterest allows users to create several boards, group your pins into categories for a certain group of your target customers.

For example, you can group your pin items to suit artists, moms, kids, and others. Using these strategies creates a product catalog that is virtual to these customers.

You can also consider a “Best Of” boards to show off your products and services.

Maximize SEO efforts

After you pin your products, Pinterest gives you the opportunity to use SEO strategy to drive traffic and increase your revenue.

Use targeted keywords when writing product descriptions to attract consumers and encourage them to purchase.

When you and others use a link to your products, you create quality backlinks which also helped in driving traffic to your site.

Add to gifts

Add to gifts is an option on the Pinterest that business can use to their advantage. When you select the ‘add to gift’ option, you can add a link pointing to your site. Items added on Pinterest using ‘add to gift’ option are automatically included in the “gifts” section. The gifts section is a virtual catalog of ideas, you need to select your best images for this option and include an intuitive and evocative description.

Offer value

Savvy social network users can identify profiles designed primarily for the purpose of marketing products and services and avoid them. Attract visitors to your site by using added value profile.

Pin products and services that will benefit them, but don’t forget to compliment the products and services. For instance, offer a link to other bridal accessories if you deal with wedding gowns.

Create influencer relationship

To gain more followers, you need to reach a wider audience. Create an influence relationship by following users on their boards, leave engaging comments and re-pin their pins on your pins.

By doing this, you can initiate a collaboration and build relationships with other users. Offer to contribute to various boards that you are interested in and ask others if they can post on your boards. Show that you know about the ideas and content by offering idea from their boards.

Find friends from other platforms

We have a number of Social media platform out there. Most of these platforms such as Instagram will always ask you if you want to find friends using your Facebook friends or phone contacts.

Pinterest also has this option.

The “Find Friends” option gives you’re the opportunity to find friends and allow friends to find you.

To successfully promote your brand, you need to integrate rich pins, highlight your services, use add to gifts option and find friends option, offer value-added profiles and make sure you maximize your SEO efforts.

Another thing you should not forget is engaging your customer and other Pinterest users and offering them exclusive contents.

With Pinterest rapidly growing and the number of users using the site growing, it is quickly becoming a dominant force in the social media marketing and advertising field.

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Amy Carter

I’m just getting started with Pinterest and this is helpful. Thanks!