Tips on hiring a Virtual Assistant

The hassles of everyday life are becoming difficult to manage for most people. When you include family, careers and other activities, our everyday life becomes more hectic than most of us anticipated. However, the situation becomes even more tiresome when you start your own business. It means you do everything by yourself. You need to fill orders, manage your social media accounts, and respond to clients and much. But while we pursue our goals be it career-wise, business or in our family setting, that does mean you should have less time for yourself. This is where a virtual assistant comes in.

What is a virtual assistant?

A VA (Virtual Assistant) is a remote assistant that you hire to help you manage your work mostly online. Virtual Assistants operate from anywhere in the world, have multiple clients and can take a variety if your online tasks. However, when it comes to hiring a virtual assistant, many individuals and companies alike don’t know the basic of hiring a good virtual assistant. Just like there are bad and good apples, there are also bad and good virtual assistants.

The following tips will help you hire the perfect virtual assistant for your needs and business.

Consider your budget and location

The best thing about virtual assistance is the fact that time zone and location doesn’t matter. However, just to be sure and get the most out of your VA, you should make sure your VA and you are still able to meet online and discuss the tasks you want accomplishes. This is especially crucial with your budget in mind. To avoid wasting time connecting with candidates, hire a VA that you can regularly meet online and with rates you can afford.

When you should hire a VA

When to hire your VA is something you need to consider. There is no need to hire a VA when you don’t have to give them or when your budget is tight. First, before you hire your Virtual Assistant, make sure you understand what they are going to do, when they are going to do it and how. For them to know they need your guideline and that leads us to the next two tips, have industry experience and work on the details of the job.

Have industry experience

Suppose you have a business, you need a virtual assistant with experience in the industry. Hiring a novice with little or no experience at all won’t help, rather consider hiring someone with enough knowledge about the industry and with strong industry experience. To gauge their industry experience you need to get involved in the industry.

Know the task you will delegate

Before you hire your virtual assistant, you need to know the task you are going to delegate. You must work on the details of the job including:

  • The kind of task that they need to perform in a week
  • How many hours that will be working in a day
  • What equipment they need to possess to efficiently accomplish the tasks
  • The work value you expect them to deliver

Check this previous article to identify the reasons your small business could be sputtering. 

Think about the cost

Every VA varies. Usually, American-based VAs are more expensive than those overseas. Virtual assistant also changes either per task or per hour job. The best option is the hourly option as it usually has better rates, especially if you offer daily tasks and you want to monitor your invoices. To pay higher rates, consider hiring a Remote Executive Assistant, to act as your right-hand person.

Write a job description and post it in best places to attract the right Virtually Assistant

To find and hire the right VA, you need to write a job description and submit it to various sites to attract someone with the skill you are looking for. Consider including:

  • The apps and tools they will be using
  • Keywords that prospect VA might be searching
  • Past experiences that made them successful
  • Your business scale
  • A list of tasks they will be performing
  • Your budget and much more.

If you are a first timer, finding and hiring a VA Can be complicated, but using devoted site and communities will make work easier for you.

Make sure you check the applications

When hiring a Virtual Assistant, the first come, first served basis don’t work. The only way to hire the person you want is by weeding through the applications. Evaluate the cover letters, check out the samples, gauge their experience and make sure you only reply to applicants you believe fits your job description.

Other things you need to consider when hiring a VA is conducting interviews, discussing the payment process, start with a small project and having verified references before you proceed. Also, consider asking questions about their job and responsibilities. If you have a prospective virtual assistant as your candidate they won’t mind answering your question or even giving a trial. Lastly, always make sure you maintain clear communication.




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Recently heard the advice: before you give a job to a virtual assistant, make sure you do it yourself. From someone who has worked as a virtual assistant, I think all your tips + this one can make the experience go much more smoothly.