Converting Your Freelance Hobby Into A Viable Business

Over the years, many freelance employing sites are being created. Qualified writers are allowed to join and start writing after passing all the required information. This is a nice hobby that can be turned into a profitable side hustle. Here are a few ideas that can help you convert your freelance hobby into a valuable business.

  1. Strategy

Scrutinize yourself and find out which skills you possess are clients willing to pay for. You can also find out what makes you different. This will help you define freelance strategy. This is done because there are so many freelance writers out there so being unique will get you hired despite the numbers.  If you are good in marketing do not just indicate the whole skill you can divide it into other skills that add up to marketing. If you have skills that you would like to develop research on them so that you can gain knowledge to work on orders that require the skill.

  1. Optimize your profile

There are so many people out there seeking freelancers to work and deliver quality work for their projects. All you have to do is to market yourself. Build a complete virtual resume that will help clients to notice you. Some freelance sites have an aptitude test that will also attract more clients if one has good score.

  1. Ramp up your prospecting

If you want clients to choose you do more projects that fit your skills. Let the clients rate you after every work done and completed successfully. This will help you gain more interviews, hence giving you more work. Look at the client’s profile check on their rate of accepting projects and the ones that have committed to long term relationships before settling, making a prospecting plan and sticking to it.

  1. Make and send your personalized cover letters

When applying for freelance jobs, especially the once that require you to bid for the job you can make quality personalized cover letter to go with the request. According to most clients they tend to be impressed because it adds value to the way you present yourself. It also shows that you are interested in the project. In your letter state a few freelance jobs that you have done related to the topic at hand. Keep it brief and you can ask a question about what you haven’t understood in the project.

  1. Be wary of $50 projects

Freelance writers sometimes tend to go for low paying projects that are not even worth their time. This usually discourages them over time and might end up dropping the hobby in the long run. You should be aware that low paying gigs are not the best to pick every time. You can bid for higher paying projects too. All you have to do is to ensure that you deliver quality work on time once awarded. When bidding for projects do not bid too low. This is because the client might view you as desperate and might not give you the project. Look at the average given compare and give a reasonable amount.

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