9 Mistakes You Might Make When Hiring a Blog Writer

Blogging and writing quality content is becoming one of the best methods of digital marketing. Large and small entities are in search of quality articles from blogger. Government organizations and NGOs are all looking to write quality content for their websites.

If you have been considering using this digital marketing method, you have probably had considered outsourcing. Outsourcing is a great option for those who don’t have enough time for blogging. At an efficient cost, you can get high-quality blogs from experienced bloggers. But outsourcing comes with greater risks.

Here are mistakes that people find themselves making when it comes to hiring bloggers

Assuming the candidate is good

When hiring an employee for a field in your company, the first thing you look is the CV. However, when it comes to hiring a content writer, most people tend to assume that a writer is good and care less about looking at their CV.

Once they look at a sample article, they assume all is well. The last thing you want to avoid is not looking at the writer’s CV.

When hiring a blog writer, the first thing you look at the probably the writer’s CV. The CV highlights the capabilities of the writer and allows you to see if that is what you are looking for.

It will help you make the right choice right from the start. You should always request a CV and make it a requirement when it comes to application and hiring a writer.

Candidate with vague job description

Content writer and bloggers can come up with a variety of articles for almost all categories from digital marketing, relationships, finance, wildlife, travel, beauty, health and so on.

While they have more than one niche they specialize in, other writers specialize in a niche. You can find a perfect candidate for your content writing by viewing their job description.

Failing to have a clear and concise job description as an employer

You also need to have a very specific job description for the kind of candidate you want. It should be clear and concise. Include the expectations and everything you are looking for including the niche of your articles.

Not taking experience into account

The experience of the employee you want to hire matter so much, the experience of the blog/content writer, it matters too.

Everyone is doing whatever they are doing for a reason. Writers write too for a reason. The more experienced they have the better they understand the industry and the better content quality they will provide.

Not taking skill and qualities into account

Some are writers out of passion and other have fantastic skills and are excellent with words. Experience matters, but what you should look at why they became writers, look at the qualities and skills you want in a blog writer.

They trust easily or not trusting at all

One common mistake people make when hiring content writer and blogger is trusting easily. Trusting people is not a bad idea, but trusting people too easily come with risks.

On the other hand not trusting at all can sometimes make it hard to find a potential candidate. When it comes to hiring a blogger, you need to know who to trust and when. There are rules you need to know or you will fall into a trap.

Not going for content marketing companies

Start by getting in touch with a professional team of content writers or a content marketing company before you move to individuals. This means you can place your order in one place and ask for more in the future and they will get the job done.

Avoid setting an interview

There are rules and regulations needs to be fulfilled when it comes to hiring a blogger. Some writers are fantastic on paper, but when it comes to an interview, you get to learn who they really are.

Interviews nowadays can be conducted via email, Skype and over the phone.

You can check reviews from other clients, but an interview helps you determine the right candidate for your positions. You get to gauge the working chemistry between you two.

Hiring cheap content writer

Avoid using bloggers who change less. They tend to produce low-quality blogs, which might cost you a fortune in future. Consider hiring a talented, reliable and a person who will extensively research to provide best contents. Start by avoiding the mistakes above.

When it comes to hiring content writers and bloggers, you need to set your goals and requirement straight. The above mistakes can end up costing you so much money and time.

It’s true, without content marketing in this digital world, your business does not stand a chance. But to find that best blogger or content writers to write your website content, try and avoid these mistakes.

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Nicole | Glamorously You

As a freelance writer, this was very helpful for me! It’s always good to understand the perspective of the other side.