8 Ways Of Using Google + To Promote Your Business or Blog

Many companies nowadays use Google to advertise, market and promote their business and blogs.

If you are using Google, it’s a high time you consider using Google+ to attack more traffic to your business website.

With more than 81.9 million visitors using Google each month, the change of increasing traffic to your website is immerse. Google+ has a variety of tools and avenues that online business and blogger can use to attract new visitors every day.

So let’s take a look at how you can use Google+ to promote your business and blogs.

For visibility, set up Google+ business listings

If you have a business, using Google my business feature will increase your visibility especially in you have a local business presence.

Google+ business listing also increases your visibility in mobile search and allows potential customers to get directions on a Google map, call you and check out your business website.

Your business photos and blogs are easily findable by Google+ business listing. Google+ business listing is the same as a Business page.

Segment connections with Google+ circles

Based on business partners, friends, affiliates, customers or influencers, you can create a Google+ circle. Google+ circles are effective ways to segment connections.

You can share ideas and content or even update them. The Google+ circles help segment your updates to your audience. Some use circles to send an update and avoid the cost and restrictions that come with using emails such as Gmail.

Share your blog posts with your circles.

Join communities to Network

According to Guy Kawasaki, Google+ communities have transformed the site into a deep connection environment. Whether you are an individual with passion and you are representing a brand, Google+ community’s acts as a method of connecting people with like-minded ideas.

The communities can be used to connect with other passionate people who will advocate your products and services or you can use it to recruit potential bloggers.

Google+ communities provide an opportunity where you can expand, reach and network online.

Categorize content by starting collection

Google+ has a feature known as Collections. Collections are a unique way you can use to group your blogs by topics. The feature allows people to categorize their blogs they share on Google+.

Lately, it has become even easier to add posts to your collection. Google is planning to add other features and expanding the use of Google+ collections.

Collection help Google+ users to find and follow other without much effort.

Use hashtags

A few months ago, Google added Hashtags to Google+.

The introduction of hashtags has offered many people the chance to reach their niche market on Google+ more easily. They allow people to kind of categorical their updates.

There are key strategies to consider when using Hashtags.

  • Your tags should include detailed subjects and use them as a place to promote a campaign.
  • Use hashtags to create an interactive category for your marketing campaign.
  • If it’s a contest or promotion, create a specific hashtag to generate more awareness.

Engage with followers by broadcasting hangouts

Google+ Hangouts are the most popular tool on Google+.

They are used by book authors, business people, politician and anyone who consider using them. You can use Google+ hangouts to connect with your audience in an intimate fashion.

Hangouts are great for the creation and promotion of events like book launch, product launch, webinars, Q&A sessions and even conversations about a topic that interest your audience.

Use video conferencing to connect with your audience across the world.

Tell stories by sharing Google Photos

Nothing improves conversion rate and attract customers more than using Google Photos.

In fact, it offers you unlimited ways to display your blog or business and to tell a story about your business. Sharing Google Photos offer you unlimited video and photo cloud storage.

Google+ can store high-resolution photos, and you have an option of categorizing your photos into things, people and places.

Get your followers and influencers to share your content

Google+ allows you to engage with brands, connect with influencers and other big names. Use them to share your blogs and help you gain massive exposure.

Start by tagging influencers on Google+ to bring yourself under their radar. Also make your blogs, photos, and videos about your company sharable.

Add share buttons, Google+ badges, and Google+ comment system and much more. Photos added on Google+ are also available in Picasa web album.

In 2014, Google+ overtook LinkedIn in terms of referral traffic.

Recently, Google+ has revamped itself in a bid to give competition to Pinterest. The site has always been a favorite for influencer and marketers, but nowadays business and bloggers are using it to attract brands, customers, and other people. The audience on Google+ has increased hugely.

It has over 250M dedicated users. This means it offers an excellent way to revamp your business and blogs and also drive massive traffic to your website.



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This is very informative. I find it difficult to promote on Google compared to social media platforms. I’ll try these tips and see the results. Thank you.


I communities and hastags do help a lot in giving visibility to the post. I share a lot on google plus. Great tips!